Justin Bieber: “TMZ This is For you”

JustinBieber TMZ this is for you

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@justinbieber: TMZ this for you

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  1. No I didn’t saw it Miss Lawyer Belieber. Hope u didn’t say anything bad about me, na just kidding I know u probably did, but I think is better for me to be friendly. Believe it or not I hate fighting people. Specially beliebers, but what can we do. Now seriously, can u give me your twitter profile?? I’ll give u mine, you know, to meet u and text each other.

    • no I didn’ t write anything bad on u I swear on Justin BIEBER ,but it is a “peace” message n can find it crazy ,I wrote that we can be friends n later I can tell u my real name which is super unique,on twiter only ,but as I follow only justin on twitter,I do not have followers so of course it is embarassing ,so plz write ur first,me 2 don’ t like to have enemy,n u r older than me so forget those … write ur twitter name first ,super unique name is my real life name ,that I will tell u on twitter,good night

  2. Justin show them that you are not a bad teenager. You just as normal as them all. They Justin need to stop being jealous of you. Justin is trying to live his life just like everyone else. Luv you Justin.

  3. justin you are so sweet and i really hate the TMZ cuz they always tray to show just the bad side of justin but anyway i love justin and i will always love him

  4. Unlike TMZ justin has his prioriteies like family friends and fans i can almost garentee that tmz puts their job of making stuff up before their famiy and justins 19 he wants to be a young adult and everyone needs to except and respect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That should shut those bitches up for a while :)…Justin is the good guy and tmz just say the bad stuff to ruin his career and half of the things they say aren’t even true I hate them ALL the stupid liars they should get a life instead of picking on Justin…….Haters

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