Justin Bieber: Youngest Solo Artist To Have 5 No.1 Albums in the US

justinbieber-guinnes world record

Justin Bieber breaks another Guinness World Records and is added to the guinness 2014 book.

‏@GWRnews: @justinbieber Congratulations – another year, another record in the book. Here you are in #gwr2014

@GWRnews: @scooterbraun Sure you’ll be happy to hear, Justin made it into the new #gwr2014 book!

  1. Barasha
  2. Nicki
  3. Rebecca Bieber
  4. hannah mahone bieber
  5. Krista
  6. rb
    • Kalani
    • Kalani
  7. Kalani
  8. Belieber
  9. Kalani
    • Kalani
      • Lizzie
      • Kalani

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