Justin Bieber’s Boys Night Out Turns into Girls Night Out and Meet&Greet in nYC [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber screeming fans

Justin Bieber out in NYC last night turned into something of a girls’ night out and meet and greet.

Justin hits Serafina restaurant on East 61st St. for a late dinner with friends, and it wasn’t long before a crowd gathered outside the restaurant. It’s believed fans followed his caravan of SUVs from the nearby Four Seasons hotel.

A restaurant goes tells E! News:

He arrived around 11 p.m. with four friends and about five bodyguards. Fans gathered on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, just waiting patiently for him.

He left restaurant at around 12:30. When he did, the group of fans went nuts and started storming his car.

He rolled down the window and started signing autographs and talking to fans. It was so nice of him and the girls were just going crazy, screaming and crying. Even one of the mothers who was there with her daughter couldn’t get over it. We heard her say, “My God, this is a miracle, we waited six hours for this.”

A truck needed to get by and so Justin’s car had to move. So they drove away. But not before seriously making a group of his fans very, very happy.

Watch video:

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