Maejor Ali ft. Justin Bieber – Lolly Official Music Video

LOLLY music video screenshot by MAEJORALI ft Justin Bieber Juicy J justinbieberzonecom 10

Justin Bieber and rapper Juicy J brought their respective star power to Maejor Ali’s “Lolly” video debut today. Video directed by Matt Alonzo and produced by Ali. LOLLY LYRICS

Watch video below!

  • Belieber

    It was perfect ! Justin’s part…omg. Shirtless, smiling, dancing. Ah I loved it!

    • Jodie810

      I love! Justin but can watch his video anywhere it’s killing me :'(


    Oh my god!!!! I looooovvvvveeeee iiittt!!!! That old guy was funny

  • Glory

    Tbh I had bored face during the video but a huge smile filled my face as I saw justin

    • Bea

      Another example of how you believers will like anythig as log as Justin’s face is on it. The song could be horrible but having justing there would make it perfect for you guys.

  • Karen

    omgggg! he look soo hott, like always :P i love him!!!

  • diana

    i love de clip and old men kill id justin you are amazing and goed dancer

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    OMBIEBER…..Justin is Fine as candy….I hate Juicy J ‘s Rap….he could not keep in clean like Justins….Mj Ali’s wasn’t decent either…love the Beat and hook!!!! Of course, but now I can’t even let my kids jam to this…Boooooo. The video was good though and funny. MJA did good with that.

  • Averie

    omb!!! that was so amazing and totally awsome!! i loved justin’s part and i loved seeing him shirtless!! i almost passed out! i love that music video! its so cool! everyone was amazing! especially justin! <3

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Love all his facial expressions…love you Bieby!!

    • Kalani

      He’s amazing artist And so sexy and he’s not fake.

  • Kalani

    He’s amazing And so hot. He’s such a hottie.

  • Melina

    This video is so awesome! Justin’s part…no top……..WHOA!

  • Gaby Bieber


    • Kalani

      He looks amazing and adorable.

      • Kalani

        I love how justin dances with his friends. He’s so cute

  • Nicole

    OMG that was so Amazing i loved justin’s part and he was looking SEXY!!! :D awesome video.I LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  • Xavier bieber

    I loved the video especially Justin biebers part, :) <3

  • munas

    wow he is a good rapa i like it and am so pround of him

  • Faith

    Loved it , of course my fav part of the song is when Justin raps !

  • x

    The best part is most of you people here have no clue what this song was even about. Sex & Drugs all day.

  • mrs.bieber

    JUSTIN LIKE MADE THAT VIDEO THE BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!! did he say let me check my sex list? and what does the lolipop represent in this song? lol im confused

    • Miss Belieber

      OMG here is the one who declare to be intelligent by saying shower

    • X

      Lolly is obviously about giving a BJ. They also say Molly which is the pure MDMA.

      • Jen

        I was sad this is what it has come to. He is talking about getting oral sex, getting a girl high on ectasy and participating in gang rape..to put it bluntly. The entire rap is disrespectful and degrading to girls and women. Why in the world would Justin Bieber participate in a song like this??? Where is the respect for his mother he claims to love so much? She was taken advantage of and treated badly by men and now he is laughing about that type of behavior.It is a slap in her face and everything she has been through and overcime. If he wants to rap fine. But dont disgrace your mother like that. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover


      • Kalani

        Wow, I love justin. He’s so talented.

  • Never say Never

    Our baby Justin slayed it love this video good for Justin. Love the beat and the sexy swag.

  • maria

    Omg one of the best videos I ever seen in my life but justin look hottttt and whit swag , thats my big boy I love you so mouch babe

  • Jacob

    He needs to do his own rap song….shirtless of course

  • Sarah Bieber

    it was ok, not as great as I thought it would be, he should make a video for “wait a minute”, I like him singing better than rapping.

  • Kalani

    He does have swag. I love justin.

  • Susie

    Dude I CANNOT get enough of this song/video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it for the first time earlier 2day and it only had about 300 thousand views now it’s got over 2 million!! I love Justin’s part the best!! I’m gonna have this song stuck in my head for days! :D Hahahaha it’s 1:08 am for me right now and I’m still like,REPLAY,REPLAY,… :p school day tomorrow!! Oh well!!


    Justin Bieber as usual prfectly performed his part this composition .

  • Barasha

    It is soooo awsome!!!!

  • belieberrrr

    i dont like this song but justin looks super hot as always and i still love him!!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i think i just had a biebergasm not i know i had one Justin is so fucking sexy omb God should be proud of himself omb

  • essie j

    omfg i love it :)

  • erika

    So hot ! :)
    I love you Justin !

  • Kidrauhl’s Girl ♥♥♥

    Finally!I’ve been waiting for this vid so swaggy I loveeee Justin’s part its soo sexy and omffg he’s shirtless but I knew but still..I love this song-video