More Pic: Justin Bieber in BALI

Justin bIeber in Bali shirtless

Another pic of Justin in a tropical island, Bali, Indonesia.

Justin & Poo Bear.

@poobearmdma: Balling in Bali !! Nobody’s ready for what happens next !! Journals !! Happy Birthday!!

He will be performing at Formula One Singapore Gran Prix closing concert in Singapore on September 23, then heading to Bangkok, Thailand on September 26, as part of his Asian #BELIEVETOUR.

    • @AnneBieber Don’t Give Up Sister <3 it is NEVER too late to meet Justin <3 ;) im trying really hard to meet my Idol too and i waited for 3 years going onto 4 years next year :) dont worry he will come i promise just believe and never say never

  1. ohhhh howw niceee isss my justinnnn howww lovelyyyy jajjaja andd i ammmm veryyyyyyyyy readyyy to gooo onnn novemberrrr theeeeeee 9th i ammmmm veryy nervoussssss to seee my justinnn inn concerttt I WISHH I COULDDD BEEE THE OLLG PLEASEEEE ANDDD TAKEE ME A PHOTOOO WITHH HIMMM

  2. Awwwwwww!!!!!That pic of Justin is really cute.I love the hat on him.He’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute shirtless aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!I love Justin Bieber!!! :)

  3. Justin looks do sexxy and hot shirtless but one question tho, What is up with the hats!? LOL he still looks amazing hahaha I love him so

  4. Asia tour is back but You’re not back in Malaysia Justin :( I never get a chance to meet you or see you. This is how sad but no matter how Justin, I loveeeee YOUUUUUUU!! xx

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