Poll: Should Justin Bieber Shave his Mustache?

Justin Bieber dont shave his mustache ugly or cute

Apparently Justin’s growing a mustache! Do you think he should shave it or leave it?

Watch unshaved-juju making funny faces:

  • diana

    He should definetely shave it. it looks like a pre teen mustache and so gross. I found JB so sexy and kissable of course but not with those hairs

    • emma

      i think he should definitly shave it because it looks out of control and he looks sexier with out it anyway and no one wants to see him on stage with s mustache anyways so justin please shaze u are so muchhhhhh hotter with out it!!!!!

      • Swagalicious

        Seriously I love Justin either way but he has got 2 get rid of the stash I don’t want 2 kiss him with stub hair brushing against mine :P (at least in my fantacy) :D

    • Jackie

      I think he should keep it. But honestly he looks sexy either way. He doesn’t look like a pre teen. He is 19 and looks sexy AF’
      Obviously u people don’t love Justin for how he is.
      It’s his decision let him do what he wants. I love him with or without the stash.

      • Kalani

        He’ll be 20 next year. It’s going to be amazing for him. Hopefully his bday is like Selena’s bday party. Very private only family and friends and of course his boys. Not the freaking stalkerazzi that follow him like lost puppy dogs.

    • 703Y

      He shouldnt shave it because he is becoming a man and what kind of man doesnt want a mustache he is way cuter with it

    • Kalani

      He’s so adorable and sexy

    • Kalani

      Hot guys always look hot with staches. The way they do it. And not the goatee. That’s just plain ugly.

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Lol..look at his facial expression!! :D

  • belieber&jelenator


    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Me too…love it loveit!

  • bieber’s shawty forever

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t shave it plz plz plz plz I really like u looks so sexy plz don’t remove ittttttttttttttttttttt
    my sexy boy plz don’t remove it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • melissaBieber

    Justin looks so cute making those funny faces !!!!! i don’t want him to shave he looks sexy and mature with the stash and beard

    • Kalani

      He’s so cute with his stache. I love justin he’s so adorable.

  • nikky___bieber

    well i don’t care if he has a mustache or not i think he is perfect either way

  • Mrs. Bieber

    I think he must shave it
    But I love him all the way

  • essie j

    he should shave it lol

  • kidrauhl’s girl♥

    I didn’t answer the poll because I would love Justin either he has a stach or not he looks great either way :D

  • maria

    I love the way he looks anyway hottttt

  • Melina

    He is so cute making funny faces! I like it,but when it gets to the point where it’s a lot then I will be like no, shave it,but yeah for now I’m like keep it. It looks good

  • Nicole

    OMG SO SEXY!!!!!! i love the stach on justin it looks so sexy on him and that vidoe was Sooo Cute!. I love you Justin Soooo Much!!!!! <3333 :D

  • Adrian

    i think everyone should let him experience his man hood including his stache. He finally has scruff…I mean hes been without hair on his face long enough. Support him either way! =]

  • Adrian

    i mean maybe he should trim it a bit than he’ll be coo! but it doesnt look bad. Hes juss having fun, trying to find his place, that includes the face hair hes always wanted…

  • Gayle

    He should keep it. It makes him look more like his age. He can’t keep looking like a boy forever.

  • Lizzie

    He looks better with out the Mustache so he needs to shave it.

  • munas

    i dont like it so he should shave it

  • Belieber girl

    YESSSS! KEEP THE MUSTACHE! HE’S ABOUT TO BE 20! FINALLY!!! Both in our primes. Almost 20 and I’m 21! Come to me daddy!! Love it

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Haha so funny… Your right though and lovin his mustache!

  • Belieber

    I like both ways. I mean, I can’t deny that he’s lookin’ sexy with that mustache ;)

  • Averie

    no. I think he’s perfect just the way he is. I’ll always love him weather he has a mustache or not :)

  • sup

    he can do whatever the hell he want

  • Zoey

    Agreed! *nods head*

  • Victoria Bieber

    OMB justin don’t shave it It looks so good on ya

  • FatimaBieberOfficial

    He looks good either way ….. Damn he look sooooo Fine with the mustache! He look REALLY SEXY AF ..

  • #swaggybelieber

    Please shave u look oldddd and I would love to kiss those SEXY lips but not with that worm across your lip lol I still love u tho

  • Julesa

    eww gross get rid of the stash you look good without it love you justin

  • Briah

    I love justin and everything but that mustache isn’t one if his best choices. He look amazing without it. I don’t really like it. I think he should shave it. I love him though.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Gorgeous as ever….Love you and your mustache Bieby!!!!

  • hannah mahone bieber


  • BELIEBER4ever

    Either way he still looks HOTT!