Sean Kingston To Take Justin Bieber To A Strip Club + Work on New Music Together [Interview]

Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Interview 2013

Sean Kingston opens up to MTV News about hoping to work with Justin on new music and taking him to a strip club when Justin’s turning 20.

He told MTV News on Tuesday (Sept10):

It’s crazy, like we just linked back up. I haven’t seen him in a long time and we just linked up [this week], so we’re going to definitely work on some… Justin said he wanted to get into the studio. So when we get to L.A. we’ll probably work it out.

On Justin’s turning 20:

He had a big conversation about that like “I’m gonna turn 20 now..” as a matter of fact he kept on saying he was 20 and I was like, “Bro, you’re 19 going on 20,” but, you know, when you’re at that stage. I was at that stage too when I was 19 [I was like,] “Yeah I’m 20.” I was telling people I was 21. So he’s at that stage where he’s becoming a man.

On the girls and strip club, Sean joked:

He’s talking about the girls now and I’m gonna take him to a strip club one day. You never know. He’s becoming a man, so it’s dope watching him go through what I went through.

On Justin’s transition into his twenties and put out music that keeps everyone listening for years to come. Sean said:

I feel like it depends on how you came on the scene, and I feel like he didn’t come on the scene all cookie-cutter. He was an innocent, of course, young kid, but he didn’t come on like a Disney guy. He came on just doing music, and of course, he got young fans ’cause he’s a young artist. But I feel like he’s not classified [in one way]. I think he can move around.

Watch interview:

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