Sean Kingston To Take Justin Bieber To A Strip Club + Work on New Music Together [Interview]

Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Interview 2013

Sean Kingston opens up to MTV News about hoping to work with Justin on new music and taking him to a strip club when Justin’s turning 20.

He told MTV News on Tuesday (Sept10):

It’s crazy, like we just linked back up. I haven’t seen him in a long time and we just linked up [this week], so we’re going to definitely work on some… Justin said he wanted to get into the studio. So when we get to L.A. we’ll probably work it out.

On Justin’s turning 20:

He had a big conversation about that like “I’m gonna turn 20 now..” as a matter of fact he kept on saying he was 20 and I was like, “Bro, you’re 19 going on 20,” but, you know, when you’re at that stage. I was at that stage too when I was 19 [I was like,] “Yeah I’m 20.” I was telling people I was 21. So he’s at that stage where he’s becoming a man.

On the girls and strip club, Sean joked:

He’s talking about the girls now and I’m gonna take him to a strip club one day. You never know. He’s becoming a man, so it’s dope watching him go through what I went through.

On Justin’s transition into his twenties and put out music that keeps everyone listening for years to come. Sean said:

I feel like it depends on how you came on the scene, and I feel like he didn’t come on the scene all cookie-cutter. He was an innocent, of course, young kid, but he didn’t come on like a Disney guy. He came on just doing music, and of course, he got young fans ’cause he’s a young artist. But I feel like he’s not classified [in one way]. I think he can move around.

Watch interview:

  • My Biebz

    No justin dont listen to that fatty illuminati member!!!! NO STRIP CLUB!

    • Kalani

      Pls if his friends want to take him to strip club. Then they probably are going to do it. It’s not like he’s going to listen to his fans. What he does on his downtime that’s up to him and not his pyschotic stalker fans.

    • Kalani

      Um there friends. No one can tell him what to do. Besides his parents and of course scooter and those around him. He does have a private life people.

    • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

      thank you you are so right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kalani

      Um no one can tell him what to do. Only those around him. And not his fans.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Lmao…Ditto! I know huh….yuck…I like Sean Kingstons voice (the way it sounds) but thats about it!

    • sophie thomas

      you tell him i thought you like cat of victours dont lisen to him babe xxxxxxxx

  • Mrs.Bieber

    I wonder if Justin can handle a strip club. He doesnt like fans dressing inappropiately so I dont think he would like a strip club. He was brought up to respect women not gush over their bodies

    • Kalani

      He’s a guy. What do you expect him becoming a monk. He loves girls. Why do you think most of his fans are. And besides most of his ex girlfriend weren’t that high profile RS except him and Selena’s RS. Though I wonder if he talks about his RS with his boys.

  • bella>3

    i agree that he is becoming a man but like really a STRIP CLUB! i dont think so…

  • bieber’s girl.

    Omg..no way :’o
    justin would never go there coz he respect girls :o
    We all accept that fact that he’s gonna be a ‘Man’ now, no more teenager but still like ‘STRIP CLUB’ ?! :o
    Justin is getting bad influence from ‘Some’ of his friends :'(

  • emily

    guau que pasa com esta noticia me parese algo muy guaaaauuuuu por dios

  • Melina

    Justin is not gonna go to a strip club lol but hey we know Kingston was joking

  • Nicki

    I agree that he is becoming a man. It’s good to wotk with him and make a music video. But for him to take Justin to the strip club I don’t think so. Justin was growed up to respect woman. Since Sean go to the strip club I don’t think he respect woman. Sean is starting to be a bad influence to Justin now,for persuading him to go to that club. I hope that you don’t go Justin. (Luv you)

  • beebee

    Talk about bad influences on JB. This is suppose to be a friend. A friend tries to bring a buddy up in the world not down. Strip clubs are the under belly of the world. It is like a dog returning to it’s own vomit.

  • beebee

    I did see on heyitsremi.com JB flew from NYC to Canada to see his dad because his dad had surgery. Everybody say a prayer for JB. dad/ family.


    No justin dont listen to that fatty illuminati member!!!! NO STRIP CLUB!

    • Likethemboth

      Are you foreign or just five my god would it kill to proof read damn

    • Kalani

      He was joking. Jealous much

  • Lizzie

    Um I don’t think that’s a good idea to take JB to a strip club on his new video little kids will be watching don’t you think and JB is still a young boy.

  • Lizzie

    If he like to go night clubbing that don’t mean you should take him to a strip club smh his mother wouldn’t like that.

    • Kalani

      Seriously what he does in his private time. That’s up to him. And not his fans.

  • eubene

    I have no idea what justin bieber talking about like he want to be 20 but he is 19 years old yea whatever he always go to clubbing so what he acting so cool I don’t know

  • Sinthia

    Jamaicans are so dis gusting.

    • Lizzie

      Yea he not a Disney kid but still Sean kingston you got to be out of your bladdy mind nobody is not going to listen to your disgusting wack ass song for years and watching JB around strippers that is nasty for a pop artist around strippers.Is not just young fans cause he a young artist theirs little kids that looks up to him and What is he thinking so the media start talking about Justin there noway he going to work a video with him together or go out together in a strip club cause Justin is not that kind of person he like girls that shows boys respect for him so you better think of something else cause it seem like he can’t think of something to come out a video.

      • Kalani

        Um hello he’s growing up. That what you do. He diws have a private life people. I highly doubt it revolves around his fans. He’s a guy what do you expect. He’s getting older. Even though he has younger audience. I’m sure he goes out clubs with his boys or does other things. Besides I’m sure not everything he does gets in the media. All celebs are very private people. BTW, I’m sure his younger audience look up to that idiot Selena.

    • Kalani

      I think sean Kingston is a cutie. But his other friends not so much.

      • Lizzie

        He ugly I think something wrong with you.

      • Kalani

        Pls sean Kingston is a cutie. I love his music. He’s amazing and cutie.

      • Lizzie

        Well good for you.

  • eubene

    Yea right really justin going to strip club when he 20 what that suppose mean what wrong with him he doing drug or something

    • Kalani

      It’s not like anyone can tell him what to do. I don’t think he’ll listen. He’s not a kid. He’s maturing and getting older. Besides a lot of his friends and fans are older and mature. Even though he has young fans. I just think he wants music that his older fans can listen to and not his young fans. He can’t stay young forever.

  • julie

    sorry but SK is nasty.

    • Kalani

      How is sean Kingston nasty. He’s a cutie. I’ve seen other celebs that ugly. A lot of actors and artist are hotties. A few of them are just plain ugly. TMZ is one of them. They have the most ugliest people working there.

  • Belieber

    A strip club? Wow

  • hannah mahone bieber

    strip club ????? ummm no…my baby isnt going to any strip club

  • Xavier bieber

    I’ll support him always & forever no matter what he does or go through im dedicated and ill always support him through the good times and bad. :) Real true boylieber here, id go to a strip club if I was him but his family did raise him right to respect & treat girls right :) always with you Justin through the good times and bad :)

  • Krista

    Please Justin noo but i love you so much youre adorable

  • ivan

    I believe some pop stars such as One Direction and the Wanted have been to Strip clubs even Selena Gomez. It’s woman dancing to music in a sexy way. But I don’t think Justin will have the time to hang out with this guy which is good. But he’s into music so he’s thinking of doing something with Justin. he did an early song for Justin.

  • beebee

    There are a a lot of components connected to strip clubs. Not only possible prostitution, possible drugs, and other negative elements they give to a society. Many of these women are single parents and desperate to support their families. They are not objects they are in desperate situations usually. They are being used.

  • Mariah Bieber

    No now Sean Kingston is bad influence.No strip club for Justin.

    • Kalani

      Um hello no one can tell justin what to do. If I recall your not in his circle. Fool.

  • beebee

    When Beibs was a boy and the older music stars thought he only had a shelf life of 2-3 years he was no threat. Now they are learning how talented he is. They would like to stomp him down. My advice is to #1 Watch your back. #2 Watch your drinks when you go out to clubs and party with these people. I wish I could tell you what happened to my bro. Beiber is smart and I know he is smarter than them. Knowledge is power. If I sound weary I am sorry. Just be wise.

  • beebee

    This type of thing is happening all over on a smaller scale. Your destiny is MUSIC don’t let anyone or anything keep you from your dream.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    Justin if you love your fans, God and, your family you would not go

  • essie j

    strip club at 20? lol

    • Kalani

      Besides justin turns 20 next year. I’m guessing a lot of his boys are going to be there at his party. I hope justin has a private party and no stalkerazzi.

  • ivan

    I hope Justin is learning to avoid the mistakes he had made; the media follows him everywhere to catch him doing something they could use to trash him. This is true with TMZ which has a new report claiming a pilot complained about strong pot odor on the plane; he said he did not see Justin smoke, which merely indicates he has friends who smoke around him and could give him a bad reputation; it does not mean he is smoking with them but it does not look good. He has to insist to his friends not to do it; if they want to smoke let them do it in a home not in a car or plane. I think the pilot is exaggerating or lying for various reasons.

  • ivan

    Let me add this pilot sold his story to TMZ. You know how people can exaggerate to make their stories more interesting.

    • beebee

      In California it is practically legal. I don’t smoke it myself anymore but I don’t think it should be a crime.

    • Kalani

      Pls TMZ always make up lies. They have the most ugliest people ever working there. Why do you think everytime when you ask celebs about the stories. They always say its not true or it’s completely made up. Or they say the media always make up stories Just to boost there ugly rating.

  • Tami lewis

    Just another trouble maker in his world, he will soon with time figure those things out, because in his world is hard to find people that are concerned, the people in his world just always need to make issues so they can be seen, not caring what it does for him