The Key Alarm App – Dream with Justin Bieber!


Justin Bieber’s latest fragrance THE KEY offers a free social alarm clock that lets beliebers wake up with Justin. Pick one of his songs to wake up to, and tweet about your dream to share it with Beliebers everywhere. Pretty cool.. huh?? #unlockthedream

Download via iTunes, free.

This alarm clock is built to promote Justin Bieber’s new fragrance “The Key”. The app lets you set alarms and wake up to your favorite Justin’s song from your iTunes / Google Play library.

It comes bundled with a unique instrumental piano version of “As Long as You Love Me”.

The app user can swipe up and down on the “Dream mode” screen to adjust the brightness, and when the alarm goes off, you can tap anywhere to snooze or slide anywhere to turn it off.

When the alarm is turned off you get an audio greeting from Justin Bieber himself. The app then asks “What did you dream about?” and you can post the answer as a tweet from the app with the hashtags #thekey and #inmydreams.

Watch Bieber alarm in action

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