Union J Jaymi Hensley: “I want Justin Bieber to ask me out”

Justin Bieber and Jaimi Union J

Union J boyband member Jaymi Hensley has told Digital Spy that he wants Justin Bieber to leave him a flirty video message, as Selena Gomez did to his bandmate George Shelley.

Jaymi, who is gay and has been with his boyfriend Olly Marmon for 4 years, said that he wants to go on a date with Justin Bieber as he “likes a bad boy”.

Asked about George’s message from Selena Gomez asking him out, Jaimi said:

She’s not my type. She left me a video message where she was like, “Hi Jaymi – what, he’s gay? Ugh!”

If she could get Justin Bieber to do one, that would be great. He’s not bad looking is he? I like a bad boy.

Watch Selena sends Union J video message:

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