Union J Jaymi Hensley: “I want Justin Bieber to ask me out”

Justin Bieber and Jaimi Union J

Union J boyband member Jaymi Hensley has told Digital Spy that he wants Justin Bieber to leave him a flirty video message, as Selena Gomez did to his bandmate George Shelley.

Jaymi, who is gay and has been with his boyfriend Olly Marmon for 4 years, said that he wants to go on a date with Justin Bieber as he “likes a bad boy”.

Asked about George’s message from Selena Gomez asking him out, Jaimi said:

She’s not my type. She left me a video message where she was like, “Hi Jaymi – what, he’s gay? Ugh!”

If she could get Justin Bieber to do one, that would be great. He’s not bad looking is he? I like a bad boy.

Watch Selena sends Union J video message:

      • Omb. I am so fricken proud of you! You finally saw Selena for what she is…….right? I mean that’s why uu don’t like her anymore. What changed??

      • Well for one. She always disses justin and she puts Taylor swift on a freaking pedestal. She thinks she’s all that and that she’s god. People always thinks she’s sweet and adorable. Yet Selena thinks she’s better then everyone. At least justin keeps it real. Selena is starting to get on my nerves.

      • She always thinks she’s better then everyone. At least justin likes having fun. Not once has he ever dis her. Yet she continues to dis justin. Her album kinda sucks. She looks stupid doing bday cake by Rihanna. At least Katie, Rihanna are friends. They keep things private and they dont flaunt there Friendship in everyone faces. And they don’t say STFU on TV.

    • If you b*tches are really beliebers than dont get yo panties in a twist!You shouldve just been happy for him.Sh*t,saying you hate her,just shut the f *ck up,who gives a damn!

      • shut up and get a life you ugly biploric retard, we beliebers can do whatever blah blah just shut up you annyoing little brat ugly gutface

      • its just a joke,he thinks he is hot its like a lesbian saying beyonce is hot even though she isn’t a lesbian and there quite a big band over here in the uk they are really talented unlike one direction

  1. I hate selena and i never have do i like what Selena did to justin breaking his heart of course not but that does not mean people should hate her entirley and as for justin you are my favorite person ever and i love you your music and everything you do i cant wait for the ne album love you<3

    • I totally agree @krista. I beginning not to like her. She can’t dance. All she does is put Taylor on a freaking pedestal. You don’t see other celebs out there friends on a pedestal. I don’t really like her at all.

  2. At least he’s a fan. They are probably one of the 5 top boy bands. Can you imagine him dating Justin and Selena dating Shelley on a double date? Of course, Justin is as straight as an arrow.

    • Nope you’re not alone let me guess you like gay fanfiction that includes Justin being gay? LOL There just something about seeing two hot guys making out lmao i’m done i know Justin is as straight as hell !

  3. i don’t know whats happening, but for the last few weeks i’ve been unable to see the pictures being posted. Its fine in the gallery, but the ones on the home page there’s nothing. Anyone having the same problem and what to help me?? >.<

    • You may have to go back to your desktop and then go back into the site. Yes, it has happened to many several times I believe it is a browser problem.

  4. When is Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Heartbreaker’ officially coming out? Does anybody know, please answer. #Belieber4Ever

    • Shut up you little gutface >: go back to your selena gomez fansite this only for BELIEBERS YOU UGLY RETARD <3 justin is awesome ;) beliebers go hard then selenators


  5. I don’t know about the music industry but there has been especially in recent years dual sexuality in show business. To make it in the business it isn’t all gum drops and butterflies to put it politely.

  6. Justin’s eyebrows must have hit the roof!! Hahahaha….get it!
    Love uu Justin.

    Damn, this guy he flat out said “not my type”! Oh okay fiesty!

    • @Zoey, I get what your saying about Selena. I would never hate Justin. Selena eh not so much. I don’t know why people thinks she’s sweet when really she’s a poser. She always disses justin. And she puts Taylor on a pedestal. Her parents should mean the world to her. Then her friends. And that idiot Taylor swift.

      • She acts like her girls mean the world to her. Yet if they screw her over then what. Or they talk about her behind her back. Then what is she going to do. foolish bitch.

  7. LOL! I don’t think that Justin will send him a flirt message. But if he do it doesn’t matter. They look just like One Direction. But anyway since Jaymi is gay,no one can’t stop him from being like that. In the picture up the top Justin is saying ewwww and making that face. I hate Selena too. (Luv you Justin)! I luv you too Jaymi and the rest of the band. But Luv Justin much much much more. :D

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