Vanilla Ice to Justin: ‘Stop Living an Artificial Life!’


Vanilla Ice was asked about Miley Cyrus’ advice to Justin - in which she told Rolling Stone that Justin is in danger of not being taken seriously and ending up like Vanilla Ice – the “Ice Ice Baby” artist said he actually agrees!

Ice tells TMZ:

It’s like living an artificial life. When the dust settles, no one can figure it out or help you but yourself.

  • biebergirl

    I think that you and miley should mind their own bussines and leave justin alone , he is just a teenager and he needs s to live his life because life is short, love jb believer for ever.

    • Swagalicious

      u said it! all these people act like they know everything about Justin when they should just shove their “advice and opinions” up their A$$ and STFU

      • Kalani

        Seriously, they should STFU

    • nevaeh

      I agree with bieber leave Justin alone

  • Kalani

    Wow, Vanilla is a one hit wonder. Justin is going to be in it for a long time. I highly doubt his life is a artificial. Seriously he should STFU. I love Justin.

    • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

      i know right we belieber so get another

      • Kalani

        Yup, I love Justin. Always will be a belieber.

    • Directioner

      how about you stfu you piece of shit Directioner here and f your stupid idol i love one direction

  • Belieber

    He is not artificial a.k.a fake! Wow

  • Directioner

    He’s trying to help him! So. Stop it beliebers okay you odiously dont. Get it! Hes. Helping okay! DONT you send me hate beliebers. They are helping him! BTW i love one direction! They aren’t gay! Its fanfiction ! Zayn is engaged with perrie Edwards! Louis is. Dating Eleanor! Harry might start dating again I don’t know if he’s single or not! Liam is dating Danielle! Niall I don’t know for sure! I hate the wanted because they called harry and Louis and the rest gay! Seriously. The. Wanted sucks;

  • Directioner

    I love one direction! Why do you hate. Other fan bases; famous people work so hard; go see this is us because there are billons of diretoners! Its the best fan base!

    • Pranav

      why u said they are gay. Are they?. Why hide tell us. Ha ha. N secondly. 5 vs 1. Isn’t it so much unfaire. Inspite of that justin is doing cool n dazzling ,in concersts n in every area ,music. I’m equal to music, yeah directioner’s music is also okay but w.t.h. With justin. Why you jealuse.i’m an indian n One of indian qoute says “the more famouse a person ,the more haters hate n jealuse by that personality. This is us no this is it.

      • Justins belieber forever

        yeah by ur comment chammak chalo I came to know u r an Indian.
        I don’t know y someone r jealous on Justin. still v will always be ur believer. always…

      • KALANI


  • ivan

    Miley Cyrus should watch what she says about Justin because the media will use it against him. Now this bozo is using it to make it seem that Justin is doing bad things. The fact is he is doing fine except that he is working too hard and not getting enough rest. Mr. Ice should leave Justin alone and enjoy his lack of relevance.

    • Kalani

      What does vanilla ice knows. He’s a piece of shit. And Miley well she means well. Shes one of his closes friends and she would never ever dis Justin. But to have his back. Always.

  • m lowry

    vanilia ice is trying to enhance his career at justins expence and mily should learn to keep her coments to herself. i’m sure she meant well but just gave van. ice an excuse to make himself look good. Justin is a teenager and not yet an adult and it’s criminal what people are doing to him.

    • Kalani

      Pls vanilla ice is stupid. He should know better. Besides he’s a teenager. Justin is amazing guy. Any girl is lucky to be with him.

  • beebee

    Everybody, Beiber is very talented. He plays multiple instruments very well and the other important instrument is his voice. These people are sooo (????) that Beiber’s talent excels over these credent people who have all these stupid comments. They keep nipping at his heels like a bunch of vicious jealous monsters. None of these people have really any talent compared to Beiber.


    Vanilla Ice ! Speak for yourself !

  • essie j

    justin has us he shouldn’t give a fvck about his irrelevent haters lol

  • ivan

    Justin was nominated for two grammys in the past; was Ice? Justin has over 13 million made over 5 years, does Ice? Justin has won over 50-100 awards, has Ice? Justin has over 45 million tweeter followers, how many does ice have?

  • ivan

    Ice was nominated for one song but lost; Justin was nominated for best new artist and for his album-twice.

  • ivan

    I said 13 million; it should be over 130 million dollars net worth over 5 years. Sorry, poor eyesight.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      I feel ya …I like Vanilla Ice though….he is right somewhat but the Media paints a Horrible picture of Justin and he is getting sucked into the Haterism …lol I know in Miami Ice was slanging drugs and using… so he did some dirt himself back in the day. Go figure….WE all know Justin is the Bestest…Haters gonna Hate

  • sofie

    I agree with most of you guys. I don’t even know that vanilla Ice guy. But he definitely should leave Justin alone. It seems like vanilla ice is jelious of Justins career or something like that. please Justin continue to stay strong and kill the haters with kindness love you so much.

  • rb

    (H**p://bieber-news.c*m/) for faster updates on Justin.

  • Justin Bieber Skaters

    Justin’s fans are infinitely more loyal and his fan base is way larger than Vanilla Ice’s fan base. Such a comparison by Miley Cyrus is ridiculus. Justin is really connected to his fans, just watch him on my 26 second Vines.

  • ivan

    Vanilla Ice was a white rap artist many years ago who should know what it means to be made fun of. He was made fun of himself as trying to be black.

  • Kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Vanilla Ice should just seriously SHUT UP! Justin isn’t what the paparrazi say he is. He should speak for himself, not Justin

  • Darius

    stop criticizing Vanilla Ice and Miley! They are trying to help Justin! I am a boy belieber, but honestly Justin’s behavior has changed alot :(( Those two wanna help Justin so he wont fall like them. Sorry for my english .. They want Justin to be the guy we all knew. Not the one who pisses in the bucket or smoking pot…I dont judge Justin! We are all humans! We make mistakes! :) God bless him! Team Bieber!