Who’s Dumping Bong Water Out of Justin Bieber’s Van?

Justin Bieber bong pic

TMZ broke the story that someone was pouring water from a bong out of Justin Bieber’s van on the streets of Calabasas, California yesterday.

TMZ reports that:

It’s unclear WHOSE HAND is attached to the bong … but we do know it’s Bieber’s ride. He’s been toolin’ around L.A. in the pimped out Mercedes party van all week long … We’re also told the van was en route to Jim Henson Studios … and later that day, JB snapped a photo of himself inside a record studio.

  1. don’t they have anything better to do than stock Justin here’s a thout TMZ stick a shoe up ur ass I’m sure the beliebers and I would do the honors

    • True and even if its not Justin’s hand it’s still in his van so he would be basically smoking it anyway but nobody’s perfect if Justin smokes o well but he should stop

    • If he does smoke his singing voice is gonna mess up and he wouldn’t be able to singing good anymore and could probably lose his career

  2. Why can’t the staff at TMZ get a life?! Who cares if Justin smokes weed? Almost everybody does or has at one point or another.. The TMZ staff need to get their heads out of Justin’s ass and find a real job!!!

  3. He was not the only one in the car and we know a few of his friends smoke. Furthermore, it might have been a passenger since that is not the driver’s side. But he has to be careful a cop may stop the car and find that thing. Bieber may smoke pot once in a while not all the time. But it’s not that harmful. President Obama smoked pot all the time in College yet he’s now president.

  4. TMZ need to stop stalking Justin and just like Justin be. Justin isn’t bothering nobody. TMZ need to find something else to do with their lives and leave him the hell alone. (Luv you Justin)!

  5. Tmz is a joke they think there doing something good but if im wrong tell me he has a bunch of crazy screaming fans im one of them that will always stand by him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love you so much Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tmz needs to get a life!!! They are just trying to make him out to this bad person!!! sure he made mistakes, but he said sorry. #beliebersareneverleaving

  7. Guys, read the article in the inquisitr site today. It defends Justin from some charges made against him such as the spitting on fans, speed driving in his neighborhood, and the recent TMZ report on his black friend poo bear involving his holding pot in his hand in a picture. scooter finally speaks on it.

  8. If he drove that car, he could not be the one holding that; it’s not the driving side. Even if it is, it does not mean they were smoking pot in the car. They can’t be that stupid because if they are stopped by the police,as Frank Ocean was, for speeding or something the police would probably notice it.

    • A owner made this website that is a fan of JB so we could see you know his pictures and lyric’s stuff like that.The real Bieber didn’t made this website it says look down at the left corner where it said (About).

  9. i see a picture of Justin on the right hand side and he looks like he is saying “ewww what the heck” to jaymi hahaha lol my Idol no matter what <3 Belieber Forever xxxxx Justin Drew Bieber 4 life

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