Young and Innocent – Justin & Ryan

Justin Bieber ryan butler small kid

Cute fetus pic, Justin & Ryan Butler. :)

@ryanbutler: Young & Innocent

  1. OMG!!!!Justin was sooooooooooooooooooooooo young in that pic.Ryan Butler was also young.But Justin looks super cute!!I love Justin no matter what.#IBelieve :)

  2. And What the hell, I have a life. What about u, do u even have time to take a bath being always in this site making people’s life miserable. Come on!!!

    • I barely ever comment on this site and who the hell takes baths. It’s called showers like really. stop commenting annoying things focus on Justin not me. I love how you say your making this site interesting when your the only one commenting rude things. Idk wtf you are but shut up and get a life… Say it to my face not online.

  3. OH GOD I WISH!!!!! to say it in your face!!!! and I already told u that I have a life. And that’s my question, WHO THE HELL ARE U??? god!! just becareful cause if u have and adorable face I really don’t want to ruin it. How old are u btw?? cause I don’t want to have any problem with the cops cause I punched a little kid. So, maybe u are scared already cause u can’t handle it. Oh, that’s the problem, now you are afraid of me right?? don’t worry I’m not going to kill u obviously but I can make u feel bad. Cause that’s what I like, make u feel like shit all the time

    • Hi did I miss u ,I don’t think ,so I see u have got a friend ,just joking,can be ur lawyer as usual if want ,I don’t think so ,its too complicated,I say bath not shower =) btw I live on an island ,wondering if u got it on twitter

  4. Oh they are so amazing when they were so young yea I love Justin’s blonde hair when he play soccer yep I still remember they were in one time music video on 2009 yea

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