A Man Having Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber, Spent $100,000 in 5 Years

Bieber Before After Surgery

A man has spent almost $100,000 on five years worth of plastic surgery to make him look like Justin Bieber, according to the British tabloid Closer.

Justin Bieber Surgery before-after

The 33-year-old Tony Sheldon, who the British Closer helpfully describes as a “songwriter,” dreamed of having a smile as bright as Justin. So he spent five years and thousands of dollars working towards that goal, and now he’s finally done.

He told Closer:

It’s Justin’s smile that gives me youthful look. So I had my upper lip lifted [and] my bottom lip plumped out.

Does he look like Justin Bieber? Not exactly. But sure Justin would be inspired by his persistence. Just another Belieber following their dreams!

Toby Sheldon Justin Bieber

43 comments on “A Man Having Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber, Spent $100,000 in 5 Years
  1. really sad that even after spending so much money.. it just comes out to be a blunder mistake.. definitely by the doctor. x-(

  2. bieber's shawty on said:

    Justin is the one and only in the world if any one try to get a look like Justin he can’t bcs my sexy boy is the one and only sexy boy of this world but I salute him Justin will definitely get inspired by him. I think but my Justin is the one and only Justin in this world okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Azaria on said:

    You can tell that Justin was the inspiration for the surgery, but honestly he looks awful. He was definitely better looking BEFORE the surgery. It’s a shame people just aren’t comfortable in their own skin with the face they were born with.

  4. Averie on said:

    that guy doesn’t look like justin. I’m very surprised that he would try so hard to look like justin. I can tell that he tried his hardest to look like him. I can’t believe that he spent $100,000 in 5 years!! that’s just crazy! but justin will always be a hottie! no one could ever replace him! <3

  5. LM Bieber on said:

    what??!!he does not even look like JB!!!Justin is totally hotter…….maybe he tried to look like justin but he spent money for anithing no one can copy JBs sexy look!!!love u Justin Bieber!!!

  6. Lizzie on said:

    Like seriously who would do that to their self to look like him tsss that’s a waist of money to be messing up yourself cause he look nothing like him ridiculous.Be yourself and Be proud of who you are.

  7. Lizzie on said:

    It does not look like he just did his upper lip lifted and my bottom lip plumped out it look like he just did everything with his face even his hair.I see so much crazy people in this world.

  8. jagruti on said:

    This guy is not looking like my JB…..
    Because he is only one in millions…
    no one can take JB’s place….
    Love you JB…..

  9. Nazmeen Arif on said:

    Its so weird. People are not happy for what they have. Why they wanna copy justin. Well he’s looking like how justin was in 2011. But let me tell you justin bieber is the hottest guy on earth. NO ONE CAN REPLACE MY JUSTIN. true belieber forever…

  10. Justin’s smile is unique and justin himself is unique and nobody can copy that so, basically he lost 5 years of he’s life and that much money and doesn’t even look close to JB

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