Download Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” (New Song)

Download All That Matters

Justin Bieber is living up to his promise of releasing a new track each week, and ‘All That Matters’, has just popped up online (Oct.14).

Check out the audio and lyrics HERE! What do you think?

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  • beebee

    This song sounds like centric and rhythm and blues combined. I really love this song.

    • beebee

      Don’t forget to vote VOTE JB click on it on the right 3 categories: Best male, Best fans, Best Canadian. EMA’s are next month vote as many times as you can. It doesn’t look like JB got any nominations for the AMA’s this year. Remember last year he kicked butt.

    • beebee

      All That Matters = ATM!

    • Kalani

      So amazing amd very sweet.

  • Christin

    Great song The lyrics is really fantastic.

  • vaishnavi

    this song is realy very nice
    luv u jb

  • alisha

    <2 proud of u justin

  • meann

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..love the song jb:-)

  • jagruti

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i just love this song as much as I love you JB….

  • Ruby Mustika

    huhuhu….. i’m dont have I Phone :-(

  • Len in love with Biebs

    Just PERFECT, believe me) #AllThatMatters

  • AilavBieber♥

    This Song Is So Damn Perfect For This Week. #AllThatMatters

  • AilavBieber♥

    Perfect Song For A Perfect Girl :)

    • Kalani

      Aww I’m so in love with heartbreaker and ATM. Aka all that matters . Such amazing songs.

    • Tarun

      I like ur songs

  • boybelievebelieber

    I like it,but im not as clinged to it as much as I am to Heartbreaker

  • Smart belieber njhs

    It sounds good I think Justin sound good for that song

  • Belieber

    I like the song. I like the R&B feeling to it (:

  • Mimi

    Like it better than heartbreaker. Selena has NO idea what she gave up. A guy who loved her like crazy and was faithful NO matter the lies being told in the Media..Sad someone he loved so much was ruined by his life as a superstar :-(
    Hope they find eachother again someday!!

  • essie j

    Buy All That Matters On iTunes NOW

  • kejda

    love uuuu justin…..ur amaizing…your songs are amaizing and I love em
    Thank you for being part of my life…this 2 weeks were amaizing
    2 unbelieveable midnights at sunday-heartbreker and all that matter

    • tushar puram

      ooohh j bs song heartbreaker and all thats matter its such a heart touching song i loved his song.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Loving both New songs!!!Keep um coming Bieby!!! Been waiting for new music for Months….Im sooo happy!

  • pranav

    Need some rhythm beats. Not that better. Hoping the next song

  • ivan

    Already he has two songs that make No.1 on itunes worldwide; Did I hear someone say he’s fading or going to fade? no1 He will be bigger than ever.

    • rb

      Let’s take the rest of Justin’s songs to #1!! Other artist coming out with new music should wait until the end of December or they will be consumed by the Belieber army.

  • Riya Jat

    Justin u’ll r the best & ur song is superb
    U’ll never fade u r evergreen superstar
    I’m waiting for nxt monday & nxt lovely song

  • nevaeh

    I love the black and purple

  • brieana

    Is it about selena?

  • ❤❤❤❤❤BelieberForever❤❤❤❤❤

    OMB I haven’t been here in forever omg I miss the news, Beliebers everything! I love you Justin super super much! I already have the song I luv it just like him! Justin means so much to me! I really want to meet him really bad i believe in my dreams! sometimes when i know this is weird but when it’s really dark I think of the believe tour I went to! It was the best day ever! I really love him! he means so much! I hope all these songs will be on a album this year! really nice good job! btw I love you and Selena together ! you’re so cute together! awwwwww Jelena! anyways I’m a Belieber forever.Wish I could see Justin agian! yay I can’t believe this is happening! ilysm Justin!

  • Liliana

    Your new song is good Justin. I love you so much.

  • juliana simpson

    i love that song and love you to justin

  • AilavBieber♥

    What Will be The Name Of the Album?

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i love my justy and i already did it toke a long time but it was worth it

  • justin lover

    I Love u justin i want to meet u kiss u i am totally crazy about u & & i just hate that selena gomez

  • Nicki

    I already did! It’s great! :D

  • alviya farooqui

    tooo…awesome song