JB and 1D Collaboration? Zayn Malik Says YES, Liam Payne NO!


During their recent interview with The Hot Hits, the interviewer asked the boys from One Direction: Who would they want to work with? Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?

While Zayn Malik says he wants to work with Justin, Liam Payne has made a rather shocking answer. Check out the interview excerpt below:

Interviewer: If you could choose to collaborate between Miley or Justin Bieber, which one would you say yes to?

Liam Payne: Miley Cyrus!

Zayn Malik: Biebs!

Liam Payne: Biebs?

Interviewer: You said Biebs?

Liam Payne: He would say Biebs, I would say boobs. Oops!

Do you want to see One Direction and Justin Bieber to do a DUET together?


1D talks about Justin at 01:50 minute mark:

  • Kalani

    I really hope 1D collobrate. They would have such amazing song together. Since they are friends.

    • nevaeh

      I am so happy for you

  • Kalani

    One direction are amazing artists. Justin is amazing artists. I love Justin.

  • Bieber Jijii

    that will be amazing if JB and 1D collaborate they will make an amazing songs they are my favorite

  • bonita

    i thought that liam was being an asshole in that interview. no hating

    • belieber4eva!!!

      u r so ryt!
      he was being more dan an ASSHOLE!!!
      i think Liam’s just jealous of Justin!!!
      Justin doesnt deserve hate! n he has no ryt calling Justin boobs! so SUCK IT GRANDPA!


    I hate 1 direction but love the BIEBS so I think they should work with Miley

    • belieber4eva!!!

      i feel the same too cuz i hate 1d and miley. so ur ryt

  • Rebecca Bieber

    I love Justin bieber, and nooooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i hate 1d ok :)
    i am belieber forever
    :) xxxxxxxx Go Justin Team Bieber

  • Rebecca Bieber

    i don’t like 1D sorry

  • Joseline

    Really I hate 1d but I would be kind nice to hear both of them

  • hannah bieber

    i love both justin and one direction so i really hope they do a song together.that would be great :)

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Biebs!!! Mos def!!! Ahhderr

  • jagruti

    Its so amazing and cool too
    Love you JB…..

  • Lizzie

    It ain’t going to happen.

  • Lizzie

    Just leave JB alone man smh geese im tired of JB being called on when he is officially a boy that not right why are they calling him these things they wouldn’t like when some one called them that would they I don’t think so.

    • KALANI


      • Kalani

        Then again I don’t know if that will ever happen. Justin is such a hottie. One direction and justin should collobrate together.

  • Zoey

    What the Hell Liam?? Ass

  • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

    Well, I even hate one direction thru, and never liked them… Liam is being crap! Sorry for those who love 1D..


    A refusal collaboration with Justin Bieber aren’t Justin’s problem only problem of Liam Payne because Justin Bieber’s to cope without Liam .


    I’m Sorry ! Should be : because Justin’s very talented and so he cope without Liam .

    • Kalani

      Justin is amazing and super talented. He’s such a hottie


        I’m joining to your opinion .

  • Belieber

    I thought Liam was being really mean. He shouldn’t have said that. They have no respect for Justin so I don’t think we should respect them either.

  • bieberfever#1

    i want them to do a callaboration

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I thought that Liam was the fan of Justin not Zayn! & they do respect Justin especially Niall bcuz he’s the biggest belieber our of all of them.

  • Belieber #1

    who d hell cares for liam!!! But still I too want 1D to collab with jb.

  • Belieber

    Liam is acting like an asshole. And no, I don’t want 1d and Justin to do a song together.

    • directionerPROUD

      shut up anf fu-k you bitch they are my idols who’s care about JB or about u liam don’t mean the bad opinon that u understand

      • Belieber

        You! Its not own opinion. I don’t have to like 1D if I don’t wanna. Wtf are you doing here if you hate Justin, and is a directioner anyways? Go somewhere else!

  • Fangirl Tia

    You guys are retarded. Liam isn’t bashing Justin or calling him a boob. He’s saying he’d rather work with a hot girl than a guy because what straight guy wouldn’t rather work with “boobs” (a girl) over biebs (Justin)?

    Some of you have the reading comprehension of 5 year olds.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i love Justin and One Direction and If they Collaborate i will scream my ass off and i’m with zayn and liam said boobs because of miley (she has boobs ) :)

  • ivan

    Liam likes Justin and went to his concert with Niall; he was just joking here saying he likes boobs.

  • ivone

    Not after that interview. I rather see the collaboration with The Wanted.

  • Xavier bieber

    No but then again yes

  • oliviabieber

    Justin bieber and 1D would make a good collaboration but on the other hand LIAM PAYNE IS SUCH AN ASS

  • bebeluvsjb

    Liam is a d.. I don’t want a one direction/justin bieber colob. I HATE THEM!!

  • K.A.S.

    nah i wouldnt want the duet. I’m not too fond of One Direction to be honest