Justin Bieber Believe Tour Made $155 Million + Receiving Plaque of Success!

Justin Bieber Believe Tour 155 Million

Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun received a plaque for the world success of BELIEVE TOUR.

Scooter Braun revealed that the concert tour has brought in $155 million! He revealed that the number is the overall amount that the concert made, meaning it gets split between Justin, his dancers, the venues, the crew, Scooter, etc. Plus, a portion of the ticket sales went to the charity Pencils Of Promise, which was founded by Scooter’s brother Adam Braun.

@scooterbraun: Nice plaque to come home to the office to. Congrats @justinbieber!

Justin’s Believe tour still continue through Dec2013 in South America, Australia & New Zealand.

In other news, BELIEVE movie is to be released this Christmas. Watch the Trailer!

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