Justin Bieber #BelieveTour Concert Panama City

Justin Bieber Believe Tour PANAMA CITY 6

Justin Bieber performing “BOYFRIEND” & “”ALAYLM” shirtless during a concert at the Figali Convention Center in Panama City, PANAMA (October 24, 2013).

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Justin Bieber BOYFRIEND


  • batoolbeliebe

    i love him so so much he looks so hot

    • nevaeh

      Justin bieber does look hot

      • nevaeh

        Justin can you come on tour in Cleveland Ohio plez I love you

  • Vaishnavi

    hey jb u r looking very nice
    plz have a tour in INDIA
    luv u

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    ommg is he sweating and shirtless (lord kill me now)

    • Kalani

      Justin always look hot shirtless. He’s amazing and such amazing performer.

  • Kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Justin is so amazing and so hot shirtless. Who wouldn’t want to see his rock hard abs. I love him so much. His voice is amazing

  • Jennifer Nicole Clemons

    He maked my life in love!! not because he is famous, but everything about him <3

  • Daniella

    Guys you wouldn’t believe how disappointed I am on Justin. I went to his concert in Panama City, it was at the stadium, not at the convention center. I spent a lot of money so I could go to the meet and greet, but he was late. He didn’t say a word to me or anything, the whole thing lasted less than 20 seconds and he didn’t even smile on the picture. Then he showed up an hour late for his concert (it was scheduled for 8:30pm but he showed up at 9:40pm) he sang two songs and then he said “wait for two seconds, I’ll be right back” he literally left the stage for like 45 mins and then he came back and finished the show. The little girls couldn’t even see the whole show since it was so late and they had to go to school. I swear I’ll never spend any more of my money OR time on this idiot. So disappointed.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      See my comment below….

  • eubene

    oh hahaha i realy want to touch justin’s abs he has a six pack abs i want to feel it yea oh yea i really want to just a tip of it yea man he was so sweating for it in the concert at panama city

  • eubene

    justin is so sexxy with his abs just wanna touch it yea you know what i mean like oh yea i wanna go crazy yea oh my goodness i cant think about it he is in my mind now i dont know why his abs very sexy

  • Belieber

    Those moments when he’s sweating while he is shirtless. Just like this one. Damn! So sexy *_*

  • Nicki


  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Wow!!! Thats terrible…how much did you spend? He did say hi or give you a hug? Hummm sometimes he tries to look tough in his pics and doesnt smile. YOU SHOULD TWEET HIM ON TWITTER AND TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL AND WHAT HAPPENED!
    Bummer! : (((

    • Daniella

      I spent over a thousand dollars, he didn’t even say hi or anything, I tried to speak to him but he would just look away. It was horrible, worst night ever…

  • andrea

    pas facile de plaire a tout le mondes je le trouve bon il n’y a pas beaucoup de jeune qui en ferais autant comme Justin j’ai vue justin il y avait 20 milles personnes c’est beaucoup de mondes a faire plaisir je comprend Justin moi j’ai vue Justin il ne m’a pas parler mais je suis contant quand même

  • Gia Isabella

    Hi, I am Gia Isabella from Panama. My mom is writing this for me cause I am 6 years old. I went to the concert in Panama, it was not in the Figali Convention Center, it was in the Rommel Fernandez Stadium. The doors were supposed to open ad 4, but they did at almost 6 oclock
    The show was supposed to begin at 8.30 and started almost 10pm, when I was almost sleep. My mommy had to carry me and I felt slept for some time, meanwhile the show start up.
    Then everything was right. I yell a lot, I cried, I love justin soooooooooo much. I know I am very young to love a almost 20 guy but what can I do, I am a believer fan. Justin when are you coming back to Panama, I want to know you. I hope next time I have save enough money to go to the meet and greet event. Well, My mom email appears up right here if you want to write me, remember Gia Isabella is my name. Love you always, dream of you all the time…
    A lot of kisses and hugs to you,
    Gia Isabella – Panama

  • Gia Isabella

    Hi Gia Isabella again. this time is me. not my mommy. i love you souuuuuuuuuuuuu souuuuuuu much. come back to panama for vacations i can show you nice places of my country. remembr i am 6 years old so i need to go with my mommy, ok????? ah and my dolls of course and colors and coloring book. write back to dalysespinosa@gmail.com my mommy email. pls pls. my phone is 507-6483-9006
    i will dream with angels and you today.
    Love you,
    Gia Isabella – 6 years old

  • Shay bieber