Justin Bieber is ‘impressed’ by Jai Waetford – a 14 yo Aussie X Factor Finalist

Justin Bieber Jai Waetford

Justin Bieber posted a photo of Jai Waetford on his Instagram account and raved about the 14-year-old’s talent to his 11.6 million followers.

Justin wrote:

Make the music you want to make Jai Waetford. God has really blessed you. I’m a fan and I haven’t been impressed like this in a very long time.

Jai Waetford, who came third in X Factor Australia on Monday night, has drawn comparisons to Justin Bieber since he first appeared on the hit show back in July.

Jai said before performing “That Should Be Me” on the X Factor in week 6 of the finals. “His songs and his style is where I can see being.”

Waetford has just released his first single Your Eyes which is available now on iTunes, but it’s back to school next week before he embarks on an Australian tour with the X Factor finalists in mid-November.

Watch Jai performing on X Factor Australia:

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