Justin Bieber Partying at VLive Strip Club in Texas with Floyd Mayweather

Justin Bieber Strip Club Vlive Houston Texas

Justin Bieber reportedly partied in a strip club in Houston, Texas, on Friday night (October 18, 2013). He allegedly left one of the professional dancers in the club, VLive, in ‘shock’ after grabbing her butt.

Known as @1real_diamond, she tweeted on Saturday (October 19, 2013):

@justinbieber went The Fuk In Tonight!!
He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted!
He Was Like Its Real!! (sic)
I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock!
I am now a @justinbieber Fan

The dancer also claimed that Justin was partying at the club with boxer Floyd Mayweather, 36, and hinted the duo were extremely generous. She wrote:

S/O (Shout out) to @FloydMayweather Too!! MoneyTeam went In!!

VLive wasn’t the only club he visited in Houston last night. He also went to Nox nightclub.

Justin Bieber Party in Strip CLub

Mom Pattie Mallette recently admitted she finds it “difficult” to let him make his own mistakes. She said:

When your kids hit a certain age your parenting style changes and it is hard letting go.

His life was my life and now I’ve had to let him go a little bit and let him be independent. It is hard to not be able to control everything that your adult child does.

    • Justin is obviously into women now and obviously won’t date a minor. He’s grown a lot over the past few months. His face has changed ,it has thinned right out and his mustache makes him look a lot older now. Justin loves his Beliebers, but the sad part is that he thinks we’re cute if were younger than 18. The majority of Beliebers are still minors. It sucks for me. I love Justin, but I’m not loving the decision he currently made. Going to strip clubs isn’t a mature thing to do; those women are selling their bodies and most of them have no concept over reality. Many of you are saying he’s 19 and he can go to strip clubs and the fans who don’t like him aren’t true Beliebers. If you think so, you are wrong. A real Belieber is a fan who can distinguish right and wrong and help guide Justin on the right path in life. I know that Justin is making the wrong decision right now. His pants are almost off and strippers around…Justin can do a lot better than that. Justin doesn’t need a gold digger he needs someone who will love him regardless of his materialistic possessions in life. :( Don’t comment is you have nothing nice to say. True Beliebers look out for Justin….. not agree on everything he does. We need our own opinions in life.

      • i agree with you completely, Justin has changed over the years, quite a bit. His face has changed, his hair, his voice, his swag, his everything. But he’s still Justin. He’s an ordinary 19 year old, he’s obviously going to be courageous and want to do what normal 19 year olds do. But Justin and his life is far from normal. Though him going to a public strip club is a bit barbaric, he’s just exploring new things in life and true beliebers will appreciate this fact.

      • Yes, I totally agree with you! I certainly don’t agree with his latest decisions. I just hope he realises he did some kind of mistake, and never repeat it again. He doesn’t need a stripper or a club bartender or anything like this. He needs a girl who can love him right and give him support and confidence, no matter what, no matter the rumors, no matter he is famous or not. Unfortunately, finding such a girl is hard, because a lot of girls who are older for him would date him only for his money, or fame, or anything like this. Maybe when he grows older, he will realise that he doesn’t need such a woman in his life. I hope he will find his soul mate.

      • Seriously Justin is old enough for clubs. He just can’t buy alcohol. He turns 21 in two years. I love justin.

      • Word! I really agree with you! I’m so sick of all beliebers who call others fake beliebers just because they don’t agree with everything Justin does. Everybody has an opinion and everyone has the rights to have it without beeing called a fake belieber and stuff. I love Justin and I am really a true belieber but I don’t like his actions all the time, but that’s okay because I still love him just as much.

      • here !! atleast someone is there who knows what is good and what is not !! i totally agree with u . that’s alright that we r his fans but that doesn’t mean that we should like whatever he do we should instead stop him doing such things it’s been a long ago i haven’t seen any of his video etc but today i saw it and i felt like then !! why the hell he is wearing pants if it’s going that down come on it really doesn’t look so good neother cool ! anyways bac to the topic he should not do these kinda things !! and we should totally try to stop him !! i agree !!

      • I love justin and i think he is free to do what he wants … He will find love and it might not be one of us but we should be happy if he is happy with that lucky girl …

    • …he had to be drunk, and what does she mean “shes now a jb fan” so when he touches you thats when u like him , stfu before i rip u apart

    • girl relax your self jb is old enough to do whatever the hell he wants. he was not born to please and live by what people say. if your a fan it shouldn’t matter how he choose to live his life.

    • OMG y r people shocked at this … He’s 19 most 19 year olds r out at strip clubs … Al least there no pics of him doing anything bad haha

      • there is really nothing wrong with going to a strip club. you aren’t allowed to touch them and I don’t see him doing anything more than watching. I suspect he is there because the others wanted to go. if Floyd wanted to go then he would feel he has to go along with it. somewhere I saw a quote from him that he would just as soon be in the studio.

    • how is it at all disgusting? He’s 19 years of age, he can do what he likes. Its his own life, if he wants to spend his money on a half naked woman dancing on him he can. Its barbaric, but not disgusting. Many men go to strip clubs, and Justin is exploring new things in life. If you was a true belieber then you would appreciate this fact and stop typing disrespectful remarks behind a computer screen.

      • Jodie810 and kierra i agree with you 100000000000000000%
        its his life and his choices. Besides he just want to be a regular 19 besides lot of people his age go to stirping clubs.

    • Justin is hoing through that phase that teenage boys go through the phase where he likes nude women its just a normal thing he hasnt sittled down yet stilll wild teenager

      It will stop when he gets sittled down ya know want wife and kids

      He doesnt want a serious relatioship he makes up 4 it with strip joints

      My boy is getting naughting i’d treat him like a baby for acting childish and grabbing girls butts

    • wrong is wrong beliebers should accept that whatever justin do may not always right they should stop him from doing bad things and not always say he s 19 he have right to do things like this and yeah I am 18+

      • Stop lying!!! You are not 18+ who do you think u fooling. If u were over that age then u would have no problem with this story!! And im 17 this is no big deal!

    • A lot of his friends go to strip clubs to let loose. Besides if they invite him to go. What’s he going to say. I can’t go my mom said I’m not allowed to go to clubs. He’s old enough to make his own decision.

    • Justin is 19 years old and in this industry. Of course he’s going to make mistakes and do things you may not approve of like drink and party and be with girls but you can’t just leave him. He loves us and true beliebers always stay through the good and the bad. You shouldn’t be so sad! Instead you should be happy and exciting for “hold tight” and “wait for a minute”!! Now of course I sometimes don’t approve of his actions but you have to let him grow up and learn from his mistakes. Don’t give up!

  1. Yea u guys should be a ashamed of calling yourselfs beliebers because you guys actually believe all this crap they say as bout him there is no,proof that he and that striper were hanging out no videos or pictures

    • @Jessicalovesyou, I so agree with you sister they should be ashamed cause i am belieber and i know all this stuff is crap LIKE TMZ omg i hate tmz there terrible they always trying to bring Justin down and sad i will kill them baddddddddddddd
      Nonone epsecially haters shouldnt judge on Justin i love him so much and i am a true proud belieber since 2010 :))))) I hate rumors i really really do

  2. This is bullshit. That stripper just wants attention. Selena and justin are happily together. That stripper is just trying to get into the news

    • Yea ur Wright because its so obvious that they’re secretly dating and hiding their relashionahip and that stripper is just doing what mimi did

    • really? he’s a red blooded horny boy that every guy does, GO SEE STRIPPERS. He is gonna do these things because well, he can. You really think he’s all squeaky clean?, wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Justin and Selena arn’t together, they broke up. Justin is single and he went to a strip club. Is it hard to believe? Like, really that hard? He is 19 for god sake, leave it out.

    • You’re a dumbass. This is why beliebers get a bad name because you dumb bitches are delusional. He was at a strip club, he like to go to parties and smoke weed. Get over it. You guys keep trying to hold on to 15 yr old Justin but HE’S NOT A LITTLE BOY ANYMORE AND WILL NEVER BE HOW HE USED TO BE. You must be little girls because if you were of age, you’d know this is pretty normal. I’m in college and most guys act just like this. Is it immature and annoying? Yes, but they’ll grow out of it.

      • finally i meet someone who is in college and loves JB….
        and yeah there are a lot of young naive girls on this page but I gotta admit its funny reading their comments and they stay repeating what the other girl is saying like wow really

      • You two are in college? It’s hard to believe, you have terrible grammar. Maybe you should take your classes seriously…I really don’t want to see you fail. I’m 16 and I am more educated than you.

      • @Kidrauhl you just proved my point at how dumb you are. Point out what’s wrong with my grammar and then we can talk. I capitalized everything, used correct punctuation, and used correct spelling.

      • Justin and Selena will never ever get back together. Have you listened to Justin’s songs at all? clearly his lyrics states how mow of a fake she is!. Quit dreaming that these two will get backtogether. They are dunzo. SLutnea is a fame whore and needs to stay away from Justin. Her fakeness is not wanted and everyone can see it right through her. Her fame is going down hill especially after the split with Justin.

  3. I love Justin with all my heart. I am a belieber. But this time I was really shocked I mean I didn’t expect him to go to a strip club but it’s his life and no matter what all be there for him. The thought of him growing up is hard for me because I’m really scared he is going to find the perfect girl get married have kids and forget about me/us (beliebers) but no matter what I will be with him even if he don’t know me forever and always

  4. Juju, just calm yourself for a sec. You have younger fans, who really look up to you. Dont throw it all away with drugs, and strippers, and rap.. I honestly think that after his breakup with Sel, he’s been ruined. WE MISS YOU JELENA </3

  5. If you believe everything the media tells you then you are all in trouble.
    Even if it was true and he was at a strip club so what he is 19 years old, single and a guy. What else is he suppose to do stare at his four walls in his room? Give him a break!! He is free to do what he wants when he wants! Who is anyone to tell him

  6. im not gonna stop being a belieber just bcuzz of that.if he wants to go to a strip club then he can.hes old enough and its his life so he could do whatever he wants.i am alittle upset but i still love him tho <3

  7. When I saw the headline I was beyond shocked and upset
    but he’s 19 and he’s free to do whatever he wants
    but he has to remember that he also has younger fans that look up to him
    I am thankful that he’s giving us new music and happy that he’s growing up
    but this is taking things just a little to far
    I am still a Belieber but I don’t approve of his actions lately…

  8. He’s 19 years old guyz !! wake up ! you have to let him grow up !
    he stopped to play leggo right now !
    I’ts time to grow up. really… !

  9. Wow all of you should be ashamed to call yourselves real beliebers because it seems like moat of you believe all the crap that tmz says about him

  10. WHAT’S THE BIG FU*KIN DEAL. He went to a strip club! What about that is taking it “too far”. How old are you people??? He’s not doing cocaine he’s just at a strip club.

    And yes he was at A club. A strip club. Many of the partygoers say so. Chill!


    • I swear most of these girls must be 10 yrs old because they’re dumb as rocks. They say we’re crazy when we see the truth and realize there’s nothing wrong with accepting the things he really does.

  11. Well who here believes all this shit oh i guess everybody it is Just sad That u call yourselfs beliebers but i guess u guys will never learn

  12. guys chill it’s really not a big deal. judging by the way half of you can’t spell most of what you’re saying i’m guessing you’re all under the age of 13. seriously calm down. it really doesn’t matter

  13. i cant just hate someone for doing bad things! everybody does bad things, even beliebers themselves. I mean look around you, you definitely have some bad friends but still you dont leave them.

  14. Maybe he did go a bit to far this time :( i love calling justin my idol and i love that he cares for us so much but sometimes its sad to know your idol is doing these things :( but yea it might be fake cause people could photoshop things and that. If it is fake then they should stop cause we all know that justin is having a hard time too with the media ALWAYS trying to put him down :( but we will support him all the way :)

  15. Look people we all know this shit is hella fake because well if you are a real belieber you should know that tmz is fake and would do anything to bring Justin down

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