Justin Bieber Skateboarding at the Mall in China

Justin Bieber Skateboarding at the Mall in China 10

Justin Bieber skateboarding around the mall in China today (October 1). He’s set to perform at the Dalian Arena tomorrow (October 2nd) in Dalian, Northeast China.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.37.47 PM

    • ATTENTION: look at pic 31 of 34 magnify it to 200% now look in the crowd to the right look at the guy either he has a mask on or it looks like something else.

  1. Justin what are you not good at and you look beautiful while u do anything i love you so much ur my huge inspiration and im ur biggest fan

  2. wish I was there, I would skateboard to. i’ll give the media something to talk about now. love you Justin you mean the world.

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