Justin Bieber Smoking Weed with Ariana Grande? So What?

Justin Bieber Ariana Grande marijuana smoking

TMZ posted a new photo of Justin on Monday that appears to be “holding marijuana joint” and sitting next to a girl that looks like Ariana Grande.

TMZ said sources on both sides said the girl was not Ariana and the pic appeared to be doctored.

Okay.. he’s a boy, and if he’s really smoking, so what?? We’re here for his music afterall.



    • Sallia

      Um duh obviously they not going to show it.

    • Belieber #1

      yeah, ofcourse, u’re correct.

    • meme

      holding it for someone? are you stupid?

    • Laz

      why the hell does everyone including the media give a shit about him smoking a joint? most teenagers will do it at some point and its funny coz tobacco is more of a killer than marijuana. everyone needs to calm down and keep in mind that almost everyone will try it. yes he is doing it, dont be so oblivious. and obviously the reason he has been doing so much ‘bad’ stuff lately it because he wants to grow out of the young teenage singer stereotype and be a more mature free spirited person. get over it you silly people

    • kendra

      who cares if justin does its his life and also he does not do it

  • honey

    I don’t know something is not right with this pic

    • jassybieber

      well of course u guys may believe it or may not…. but how many time does tmz say stuff about jb if all they have is pic….wtf is a pic gonna prove….just cuz he looks high, doesn’t mean he was….do u believe it if tmz says it or bieber himself….? true facts
      they also photoshop that crap about jb……i am pretty sure he never even spitted on a fan…if he did, he would admit it….if u dont kno jb personally and u hate him, then leave him the hell alone….u hate on him cuz u can’t look like him or do wat he does….(this doesnt apply to true and real beliebers

  • Sarahhhh

    Lol kalani.. That’s not the way you’d ‘hold’ it for somebody. I like the fact Justin smokes, makes him human

    • Kalani

      It’s not like Justin is a drug addicts. Besides his career is way more important to him. He loves what he does. Even though he’s not a druggie

  • leticia

    I did not like not really love justin bieber more disliked this news!!!!!!

    • nevaeh

      Nice music but why this

    • nevaeh

      I love you so much Justin bieber not matter what

    • Kalani

      I love justin. He’s amazing guy. Who doesn’t love Justin

  • melissaBieber

    Justins definetly smoking in this pic im concerned but theres nothing we can do about it :(

  • hannah mahone bieber

    tmz is always making him look bad.ugh they make me sick -.- justin promised he wouldnt smoke again and thats a promise sooooo hes definetly not smoking and ariana grande really ????shes to nice and sweet to be doing that stuff ugh -.-

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @Hannah Mahone Bieber I so agree with you 100%

    • Jasmine

      Hey but do you guys see his tattooed sleeve on his arm? Because I don’t see it . I think this picture is old . And I highly doubt that the girl next to him is Ariana Grande. I don’t think she would ever do that . This is just bullcrap .

  • kira

    all I am saying is that he is not really being a role model for the little people the little people look up to him and they are going to copy his every move and im kinda worried like his mom I love him no matter what im just saying he needs to think about his little people fans that’s all

  • hannah mahone bieber

    and u could obviously tell that picture is fake.look at it very closely -.- thats not even ariana

  • Reign

    That doesn’t even look like Ariana

    • Kalani

      What are you going to do arrest him. He does have bodyguards, and of course entourage around him.

  • brieana

    Justin sweetie please don’t smoke honey we love you

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @Brieana Its a rumor sweetheart dont worry, Tmz always make Justin feel bad

  • Emily

    That’s not him and Ariana because he promised he wouldn’t do it again and Ariana is in California so this photo is totally fake. >:(

    • brieana

      Yes it is sweetheart look closely I know he promised us but he’s sorry

      • Emily

        he’s probaly gonna tweet something about to not believe what they’re saying

  • brieana

    Why? Rebecca justin looks like he’s upset and smoking?

  • brieana

    I think he misses selena

    • Kalani

      He probably does. He probably tells his besties what he’s going through. And they give him advice on love. Since most of them are in RS. Like scooter and ushers and of course his close friend Kevin Durant.

  • brieana

    Emily I’m really worried about justin I don’t know how to help him.

  • KidrauhlSlaysMe


    • brieana

      It is then why is he holding a cigarette in his hand did he tell you not to believe what they are saying ? Because I don’t I trust him and I believe in him way more than I believe in the media he makes mistakes and I accept that I accept him for who he is and not what the media says he is because us beliebers know that he would never lie to US he is honest and true. Beliebers know who he really is we’ve been with him long enough.

  • Nadia

    Who gives a shit he a teenage boy almost a man he can do what he wants.

  • GeneBlond

    That doesn’t even look like a joint. Ahhhhh, I hate TMZ, they just want to make Justin look bad. That photo is so photo shopped.

  • brieana

    Is justin pressured?

  • GeneBlond

    That photo seems kinda legit. Doesn’t it?

  • Averie

    I don’t think it’s real because tmz photoshops a lot of pictures. I mean, even if it is real, what the heck!? I thought Justin wasn’t gonna do that anymore. When he was on snl he said that he’s not gonna do it anymore. I know he’s only human and he makes mistakes but still! Since I’m a true belieber, I’ll always love him no matter what! <3

  • True belieber

    Ok so here’s my statement. Yes you are right were here for the music after all. It’s not about his personal life, that’s not what his job is about. His job is to make music for his wonderful beliebers. But to me this is not okay at all. And I have a good reason. Justin did state in the Saturday Night Live skit that he was really sorry for smoking that weed, and he promised US BELIEBERS that he wouldn’t do it ever again. He would never lie to his fans. Justin would never do that. So maybe this photo is fake. Maybe it is photoshopped. If it isn’t then I am really disappointed. Not because it’s what Justin likes to do, but because he lied to us. But I’m not gonna be sitting here judging because again, we are not for sure that this photo is real. Only Justin himself knows what he does, and I’m hoping it was the right thing. Again I don’t mind him smoking weed, it’s just the fact that he said he wouldn’t do it again… But we’re not for sure this picture is true… That’s all I gotta say here

  • Azaria

    If you’re really upset that he’s smoking marijuana, a fairly harmless substance, then you need to educate yourself on the REAL facts about the plant. While it of course can be potentially harmful to the vocal chords, it otherwise doesn’t hold too many dangers. He’s a human and smoking pot is something some people enjoy. It’s relaxing, calming, and can help relieve a lot of stress. Doctored or not, he’s likely still smoking it. He hangs around people who aren’t afraid to share that they smoke it, so naturally, he’s probably smoking it too. However, that is clearly NOT Ariana Grande.

  • Mariah Bieber

    That is so fake!Justin doesn’t smoke maybe he was just holding it for someone or maybe he just umm no that not Justin.That’s not his personality!

    • Kaida V Flowers

      I love Ariana Grande and her songs and now she disappointed me :( Shame on her with her dyed red weave!!!!!! :0

  • jagruti

    justin i dont know but their is something wrong in this picture. i love you justin

  • heeeey

    I used to love JB but now he is doing all this bad stuff and i dont like him that much anymore -_-

  • Zoey

    Weed Won’t kill him. To those saying he is setting a bad example, this photo was LEAKED! It’s not like he uploaded it for everyone to see this is something he did in private! Too bad someone sold the pic to TMZ!

    The reality is a L0T of people smoke weed, in High School it’s considerd “cool”. I agree SO WHAT!

  • Liliana

    Iam worried about you. I love you so much Justin. Please dont smoking.

  • BelieberDude96

    He can smoke if he wants to. It’s not like he wants to kill himself or that he’s constantly smoking. Obviously he has no time to be a stoner all day, but when he’s finished with a show, or before one, or whenever he wants, who should judge him for wanting to enjoy himself and relax a bit with something that is rather harmless in moderation? No one should!

    Those who leave him for this are a bit silly, and please don’t try forcing him to stop. It’s like his tattoos, some hate them and others (myself included) love them, but ultimately it’s up to him as it is his body to do what he pleases with. Really, he is a teenage boy, of the age that most boys want to try things like this; he can drink too, so why shouldn’t he, he’s not trying to be celibate, but he’s not harming anyone else either. When he’s older we’ll all laugh this off anyway. Keep on smoking Justin.

  • Nicki

    I’m worried! Justin please no smoking. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I luv you.

  • Justin’s Girl

    Ok so first of all that picture looks fake where did tmz even get it from? And yes its all about the music but I care about him he means the world to me he saved my life . And wow ariana grande?Really ??she’s too nice and sweet.I don’t think this is real because justin promised us that he would never do it again and he would never break a promise that he made to us HIS beliebers HIS family