Justin Bieber & the Great Wall Of China Controversy. Should He’ve Been Carried Up?


Justin Bieber caused some serious controversy this week as photos of him being carried up the Great Wall Of China by his bodyguards surfaced online.

Alot of people and the media outlets are upset that Justin showed off his “lazy” side and decided to be carried up the monument. Justin’s antics have led to him being called “spoiled” and “a brat.”

People need to understand that Justin is currently on his Believe tour and performing concert after concert this month. We can only imagine how much energy each show takes from him, and speaking from experience climbing up the Great Wall Of China will leave your legs pretty sore – not the best thing for a performer who needs all the energy he can muster up on stage!

WHat do you think beliebers? Should Justin Bieber have been carried up the Great Wall Of China?

A Chinese fan disagreed with accusations of Justin’s bratty behavior. Wang Zheng tells local news in China during the Adidas NEO Party:

As a fan, I think I can understand his behavior, because I think he must be very close with his staff. So it’s not a big problem. It’s not fair to say whatever just because of one picture.

  • Ansy. Lovin’ beebah

    Wtf he Cavan walk himself and if he couldn’t maybe he shouldn’t have gone! What’s the point? Live him but in just saying…

  • Marley

    I’d want to be carried up that damn thing aswell but oh well. I can see why people would think he’s lazy (why go to a monument that requires a lot of climbing when your on a grueling world tour, am I right?) However, he seems to have a tight bond with his management so maybe it was for fun, I guess.

  • renee

    He’s being so spoiled and the worst thing is that when they voted most of them put yes he should save his energy WTF!!!!!??!!!

  • mrbieber

    Yes, he needs to save his energy for his shows
    cuz if he dont save his energy he will not do a concet so think yeah cuz he is so nice to people and i think so that he have to save his energy for his shosw i love u justin bieber u are that best and u are realy hot and sexy and cute i love u

  • ivan

    This shows how stupid and petty the media is. This was done as a fun prank. They did not carry him all the way up. He was carried at the biginning than walked the rest of the way. But what’s the big deal? Is he going to be criticized next if he has someone hold his umbrella while he ties his shoes?

  • honey

    More important question is why is there controversy and even discussion on this that means nothing? Honestly media is just making things a big deal because they have nothing on him no more. Really who gives a F*ck about him being carried. Leave him alone and move on with your life.

  • ivan

    He did it as a goof with Kenny some years ago in that video Bieber or Die; He had him carry him as a goof.

  • m lowry

    Justin is known for being a hard working guy. lazy he is not. talking to others I know who have walked the wall it is very tiring and he might not have the chance again or at least not for some time and his carriers probably wouldn’t carry him unless they wanted to. he is very good to his crew and I expect that is what happened. he is very tired at the end of a strenuous concert. there are people who will find any excuse to make him look bad. it’s easy and cowardly to hide behind your laptop.

  • ivone

    Whether he walks, runs or decides to get carried so what!! They are his bodyguards
    but also his friends. He and his team alone decide what will be best for him!!
    The media is just looking for anything to get attention. Haters hate because you
    JB are doing what they CAN”T!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Justin isn’t laizy only he was very tired .


      I’m sorry ! should be lazy .

  • brieana

    Yeah I agree with you honey.

  • Nicki

    LOL! :) If he wanted to be carried up the wall then let him. He had to be tired from all his concerts. I luv you Justin.

  • james robert

    Just a stunt, like the gas mask wearing. Relax.

  • Ashley Hernandez

    Ok, so 1st of all it’s 1 picture! That doesn’t mean he didn’t walk any of it or that he was carried the whole way. I thought @ 1st what the heck, he should b walking himself but that picture doesn’t justify anything so no one can say anything

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Yes Justin did deserve to be carried up :) My Idol Forever oxoxoxo Proud Belieber i love you Justin forever you are my inspiration and hero……. Once a Belieber, Always a Belieber

  • Averie

    i think he needs all of the energy he can get from performing concert after concert almost every night! and i understand why he needed to be carried up the great wall of china. If justin would have walked it would have been a really long walk for him and that would have made him really tired! and he needs to save his energy for his shows. I think the media is wrong to say that justin was showing off his lazy side. Also if justin would have walked his legs would have beeen really sore and that’s not a good thing for a performer like him.

  • hannah mahone bieber

    justin is not lazy at all.hes always touring sooo much so hes tired.he needs a break from all those concerts he does.and he didnt get carried all the way he only got carried for a little bit then he walked all the way to the top.seriously the media is always trying to make him look bad.people really do need to take him seriously -.-

  • marry belieber

    Justin i love youu<3<3<3

  • LilyIsABelieber

    hahahahahaha its an illusion hes not relly being carried it just looks like it by the angle of the picture and how he’s standing


    Why the F do people always jump to the worst conclusions. Everyone judging him and all the media, how the hell do you know what happened when neither of you’s were there. For starters, im pretty sure it would have just been for fun and it’s not like justin would have demanded it in any serious way, if you knew justin and the crew, they are very close and are always being silly and having fun and secondly, maybe his bodyguards volunteered to carry him up? No one will ever know, unless he decides to speak on the somewhat “issue” that is being caused, so ya’ll shut the hell up, please and thankyou!!

  • kenzie

    I am a belieber for life people but I don’t understand this. I mean he knew how big it was and I understand that he needs energy for concerts and stuff but he needs to learn to not have to depend on other people to CARRY HIM!! what else is water and sleep for? I love him to death but really he used to be SOOOO SOOO SWEET but now he is turning into a little brat. It happens to all pop stars eventually but he needs to get his act straight and start being a GOOD role model for others. SORRY but its the truth! I STILL LOVE HIM THOUGH!!! #belieberforlife #justinpleezgeturactstarightforalltheboysandgirlsoutthere

  • Sarah

    Please? If other celebrities and artists can walk it, he can too. Lazy little M-f er

  • Anya

    yeah… he needs alot of energy for his concerts and ridiculous schedule… and above all it was fun..!.
    and he said that he wanted to visit China.. So how could he miss out the great wall of China!… what he does is always right!.. I Love him <3