Justin Bieber & the Great Wall Of China Controversy. Should He’ve Been Carried Up?


Justin Bieber caused some serious controversy this week as photos of him being carried up the Great Wall Of China by his bodyguards surfaced online.

Alot of people and the media outlets are upset that Justin showed off his “lazy” side and decided to be carried up the monument. Justin’s antics have led to him being called “spoiled” and “a brat.”

People need to understand that Justin is currently on his Believe tour and performing concert after concert this month. We can only imagine how much energy each show takes from him, and speaking from experience climbing up the Great Wall Of China will leave your legs pretty sore – not the best thing for a performer who needs all the energy he can muster up on stage!

WHat do you think beliebers? Should Justin Bieber have been carried up the Great Wall Of China?

A Chinese fan disagreed with accusations of Justin’s bratty behavior. Wang Zheng tells local news in China during the Adidas NEO Party:

As a fan, I think I can understand his behavior, because I think he must be very close with his staff. So it’s not a big problem. It’s not fair to say whatever just because of one picture.

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