Michael J. Fox: ‘I Was the Justin Bieber of 80s’


Michael J. Fox has had to explain to his kids that he was as famous as Justin Bieber and One Direction in his prime.

The Back to the Future actor helped make the original movie the highest grossing film of 1985 in America, and put him on the map as an international movie star.

But his kids, Sam 24, twins Aquinnah and Schuyler 18, and 11-year-old Esmé, have questioned his pin-up credentials.

When asked if he was the Justin Bieber of 80’s, Michael tells Redbook magazine:

It was the spiky hair and sports coat with rolled-up sleeves.

It’s funny, every now and then my kids will talk about One Direction or Justin Bieber, and I say, ‘That was me!’ They have a hard time believing it.

  • Kalani

    Aww Michael j fox is amazing actor. He’s very smart and incredible actor.

    • nevaeh

      Justin you get hotter and hotter all the time

      • belieber4eva!!!

        u r so ryt!
        he gets HOTTER and HOTTER every single tym

  • jagruti

    yes michael fox is very best actor and JB you are the best in everything……
    Love you JB….

  • Belieber

    Michael J fox is a great actor. He is also funny :)

  • vaishnavi

    yes no dought micael i fox is great actor and jb you are also …………….
    luv u a lot……..

  • vaishnavi

    yes no dought micael i fox is great actor and jb you are also best in every thing……………
    luv u a lot……..

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    I love back to the future but him being the 80’s Justin bieber … i’m have a hard time believing that..someone please

  • ivan

    Fox was a teen idol in a different way. He was mainly an actor like Zack and other TV teens of the past but he was very popular with the girls.

    • Kalani

      Justin is still popular with girls . He’s amazing with his fans

  • Nicki

    LOL! Michael you are a good actor and Justin is good at everything. Luv you Justin.