Miley Cyrus Wearing Shirt With Justin Bieber Smoking Weed. Hmm Why?

MIley Cyrus wearing Marijauna Bieber Shirt

Miley tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Reefer Fever shirt on Monday (Oct. 7), adding caption, “@justinbieber FO LIFE.”

Are you shocked by Miley’s shirt? Do you think Justin will be annoyed at Miley for wearing it or do you think he’ll find it hysterical?

  • leticia

    not like slutty

    • No Worries

      This is hilarious! Justin even told Miley to “loosen up and have fun” so she did. They ARE friends and there’s nothing wrong with smoking weed anyways. It’s safer and less addictive than alcohol and tobacco which are both legal. Once weed is legalized no one will give him crap for this… he will probably get more fans tbh.

    • belieber

      she´s not a slut.. justin and miley are verry close friends and if your a belieber you should know that.. she deffended him.. so respect that she´s growing up don´t call a girl a slut just bcz of a T-shirt come on ppl.. she loves juju..
      and juju can smoke weed it´s his life not our btw.. YOLO BIATCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  • nevaeh

    That is not funny

  • hannah mahone bieber

    how dare she -.- i thought her and justin were friends.and im actually a fan of her but how dare she do that to him -.-

  • DirectonerForever

    one direction is the best boys ever! they are so much better! they are so sexy! forever a Directioner! they really deserve a grammy! directioners are the largest fanbase. this us is so much gonna be better then believe.

    • Christel

      maybe u should nor come here.. and beliebers actually love one direction too :) remeber justin is friend all of them :)

    • montseforever

      omg , if you don’t like Justin just SHUT UP and GO AWAY. This is a belieber website, not a directioner website anyways.

    • Biebergoldshoe


    • belieber

      HHAHAHAHA bitch what are you doing here then? f— off!
      Justin´s Movie Believe is on top before it´s even out.. directioners you guys have no respect to us beliebers.. i think the boys should learn you some respect!
      did one direction order pizza and gave them free WI-FI bcz they were waiting outside? Nooo..
      did one direction ever tweet about how beautiful there fans are and that they Shouldn´t self harm? noo!
      Our idol is the best idol in the world he cares about us more than anyother idol.. HAHA beliebers are the biggest fanbase so suck my toe bitch! leave this page if you are a Directioner! it´s justinbieberzone not onedirectionzone!!
      Get some respect dude!! F–k off BELIEBERS ROCK! we never hate on you guys you always trend #Directionershatebeliebers and we trended #beliebersrespectdirectioners:) whyy just why? it´s bcz our idol told us to respect other people!!

    • Belieberforever

      Why are you on here!?

  • lollybiebah

    maybe cuz heartbreaker is break her song ‘wrecking ball’ down on itunes chart
    so she did is . poor girl

    • brieana

      Wreaking ball sad song # 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy for her actually like the song but I don’t know if I’m still a smiler but I forgive her for smoking and making other mistakes she might actually still be one of my idols I don’t know….

      • brieana

        Belieber though still

      • brieana

        Not stinks miley stinks

  • Mariah Bieber

    That not even funny i was not even smiling!Like really Miley do people walk around wearing shirt that have you butt hanging out of them!No i don’t think so!Whyy???? Would u even do that?? That got me mad!!!!!

    • Kalani

      So it’s not like any other celeb tried it. Besides I highly doubt that justin or Miley are drug addicts.

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @Mariah Bieber, I so agree with you sweetheart it made me mad too >:( grrr, How could she do that i mean really come on Justin is an amazing guy, i don’t even like Miley i mean she is so wierd and nasty, My friends and my parents don’t even like Miley eitther, SHE IS GROSS so yeah why would Miley wear a shirt with a picture of our Idol Justin Bieber smoking weed.. Huh i hope Justin will get mad at Miley. CAUSE I AM 100% >:( SHAME ON YOU MILEY, JUSTIN DOESN’T SMOKE WEED GOSH… Leave Justin alone please

      • brieana

        Rebecca beautiful I am mad at miles to she should know better but I used to be a smiler too now I am not miles needs help big time i love you

  • Nicki

    Yea, I am shock about the t-shirt Miley made. Justin is going to find hysterical. He might be mad he might not. It depends about how he feel about that t-shirt. I luv you guys. :( :)

  • Nicki

    I’m kind of disappointed! :(

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Shes so Jealous of him…Shes trying to be funny and he will probably think its funny…But you can tell she Hates on him on the under! She knows shes non-talented and he will always be a better entertainer nd singer than her…She thinks bad press is good press as long as people talk. SHE KNows she Hatin…Even if he does Smoke, he will always be Better!

    • brieana

      Yeah I agree it’s not that she’s not talented she’s not that popular now than she used to be when she was Hannah justin is a much more better role model than she would be to other kids younger than she is like 6 or 7 years old beliebers I wasn’t happy with the we can’t stop video did you see it ? It was not that good as the lolly video was great vid juju!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounded amazing love. She’s not pretty at all anymore not as pretty as caitlin Beadles is at least justin has intuitive to admit he was wrong for his mistakes.

  • Lizzie

    Oh so easy he’ll find it hysterical obviously.

    • Lizzie

      Or he will just ignore it that he don’t really find that is funny to him cause this is Bieber Fever not Reefer Fever his fans is not their for him because he a pop star making music about weed so yeah he not going to find that is funny at all.

  • ElaBieberOfc

    Oh my Bieber!
    Hate that shirt!
    That’s not funny, hate you Miley!
    OMB HATE HER!!!! :( :'( :@ :@

  • Kidruahl’s Lover ❤ ❤ ❤

    Miley u soo mean…. Damn I never liked her anyway .. She just crap..

  • Belieber

    who even makes shirts like that?

  • Belieber

    Wow! That’s not funny -_-

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    now i;m a big fan of meily but not that much… anyway i think that shirt is a little mean am just sayin

  • ivan

    She and Justin are like brother and sister but this may be in bad taste tying him to pot use. Some in the media jumps on anything to trash him.

  • jerry is on for beliebers

    shes just jealous of Justin cuz Justins heartbreaker went up the charts to #1 and mileys went down to like 4 !! she wants to make him mad

  • vanessa

    guys just give her a break,i love miley and justin they’re like my idols and miley didn’t mean any harm cause her justin are really good friends.it’s not fair to hate on her for this.people all over the world already hate justin because of tmz and the fucking media and little things like this,and it’s about to happen to miley.but it can’t because you guys are more mature than that,you know it’s wrong to call somebody a name for doing a little thing like this.Miley captioned it “FO LIFE” she likes justin.It was no big deal.he probs thought it was funny.

  • Len in love with Biebs

    here’s a positive thing – JUSTIN’S SMILE…LOVE HIM..HATE HER SO MUCH

  • belieber

    i don’t think justin will find this funny because he has a reputation to keep and he’s trying to stay good for his beliebers and his little brother and sister.And to be honest i really dont think its funny also because people look up to him.they think of justin as a good role model.But if stuff like this keep happening to him i think he might lose his beliebers.fake beliebers anyway.But i know true beliebers will never leave justin no matter what. <3


  • Belieber

    i cant believe she would do this to justin there friend plus heard she got into a fight with taylor swift i dont think this is funny in anyway because shes just jealous of Justin cuz Justins heartbreaker went up the charts to #1 and mileys went down to like 4 !! she wants to make him mad ever since she played hannha montana she got people to talk about her after hannha montana you didnt hear anything much about her but now she is a big talk she just likes to be in the spotlight no matter what anybody things of her shes is off the walk did you see the VMAs why?? she wants attention she wants people to talk about her i don’t think justin will find this funny because he has a reputation to keep and he’s trying to stay good for his beliebers and his little brother and sister.And to be honest i really dont think its funny also because people look up to him.they think of justin as a good role model.But if stuff like this keep happening to him i think he might lose his beliebers.fake beliebers anyway.But i know true beliebers will never leave justin no matter what. <3 choice a side and stay Smilers or Beliebers im a Belieber you decide now and choice wisely

    • brieana

      I grew up with miley and now I’m like so disappointed in how she turned out to be used to love her but now I’m not so sure if I’m even A fan anymore I don’t hate her but I don’t like her since the van performance she needs to understand that doing this to justin is unacceptable it’s just so rude but she’s being herself she changed and I changed she needs to have some respect for us beliebers and don’t diss justin like that I’ve made my decision staying with justin cause I love him more and because he needs me more.

    • brieana

      Yeah belieber I agree

  • jess

    I think Miley needs Counseling!

    • brieana

      I do too miley Cyrus needs help.

  • sofie

    definetely. miley really needs help. did any of you guys see her interviews and how wierd she seems to be in those interviews. I can’t Believe she almost promotes those drugs like weed and stuff. I mean she talks about it like it was the most natural thing in the World. Like everybody was doing it or should do it. I may be wrong, but that’s sadly my impresson of her. Hopefully she doesn’t get addicted to those drugs if it isn’t too late. I’m afraid she’s already addicted to those stuff since she’s basically adoring them. I just wish somebody would help her and try to make her realize what true happiness and love is all about. my heart is breaking for her in a way because I feel sorry for her. Deep down inside I don’t Think Miley is really doing well. you know the break-up with her long-time boyfriend Liam hemsworth. anyway sorry for Writing so much about her. I just hope she some day gets the help she needs to be able to discover real happiness from the heart. Don’t really get why she’s uploading that pic crazzy isn’t it?

  • Rebecca Bieber


    • brieana

      Rebecca I’m really upset right now I need your help haters keep getting onto justin and I’m sick of it and about what I said with miley I really hate how she is with juju that one direction forever is on here yesterday hating on justin because heartbreaker got to #one I was about to cry and she said that justin should rot in…. because he made a mistake like smoking once I don’t understand why I am crying right now because she did that.

      • brieana

        Please help me Rebecca I love you

      • Rebecca Bieber

        Im upset to you know,i love you too

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Justin, Don’t listen to Miley ok She’s just being an total major Idiot , I love you so much Justin Drew Bieber, you are the light of my heart …. Belieber Forever <333333

  • DirectonerForever

    ew i hate this site !ugh bunch of losers and babies!

    • Vicki

      Then do not come here :)

  • FORMERbeliber

    I belive that miley should wear what she wants to, and Beiber will get a heck of a laugh out of it but, Miley Cyrus does need help i mean 1. who wears shirts like that? 2. Just look at her music videos.

  • Adrian

    I mean its a funny tshirt but ofcourse there are gonna be haters…lol and justin looks funny with chinese eyes!

  • Nada

    miley u better burn that t-shirt his gonna find out sooner or later ur such loser

  • Tabitha.Morales

    No body likes miley cyrus b cause she is a nobody but a drug addict while jb likes it but don’t want 2 do it……….. Who ever is forcing jb 2 smoke plz STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!