Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber’s Heartbreaker ‘He’s Super Talented & Sweet’


Selena Gomez talks about Justin’s new single Heartbreaker during an interview with Janet & Nick from Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo, NY.

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Janet: Thoughts on when somebody says “I wrote this song for a particular person”?

Selena: Like, When anybody says it?

Nick: A heartbreaker song that might be about someone special.

Selena: Oh got it, gotcha. Honestly, that’s what’s so beautiful about music, that you’re able to use, especially him, he’s super talented at being able to use what he feels and interpret that through music, so I mean it’s what you do to grow as an artist, it’s what I’ve done and what many people do so. It’s sweet.

Janet: Are you going to kill me if I say I hope you guys get back together?

Selena: I won’t kill you considering I get that a lot, so it’s okay.

Janet: Any chance? If I were gonna go to Vegas and bet on it what should I bet?

Selena: You should bet for me to enjoy all the success that I have on my own and be independent and single until I know what I need to be doing with my life.

Do you think Justin’s Heartbreaker will win Selena back?


    • Selena has cheated justin, how can u all guys want them to b together??? And this song is absolutely not 4 selena b*tch. It’s justin’s imagination & creation, that’s it. I luv d song “heartbreaker” & plz dont compell me & other selena haters to hate this song by associating it with selena, damn.

      • Get some education bitch, you and I both know that absolutely NONE of us know anything about ‘Behind The Scenes’ Jelena. NONE. You can’t judge any one of them, so stuff your insults inside your mouth and move on #sorrynotsorry #idcifthisisnttwitter

  1. I think justin’s heartbreaker will win selena’s heart because this song is really heart touching…..
    and i think now also selena have feelings about justin.
    let’s see….
    I hope they will get back together…… and i will like to see them back….
    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you JB ……

  2. no. Jb stick to your mind instead of heart. N get ready success. Coz heart ain?t i know girls. They suck our heart ,n plays. I’ve . Expreience

  3. I still believe in love.
    I still believe in us.
    I hope u believe in us.
    The way i believe in us.
    These lines simply means he want her back in his life. He still believes that they will get back together. Hopefully. I miss Jelena. Love u justin. I wish i were selena so i could get all the love which he has for her… I wish. Belieber forever…!!



  5. I personally think they shuld get back together because they really do love each other dispite everything…Best of luck #Jelena.

  6. i love both selena and justin so whatever makes them happy im happy :) and hopefully they will get back together soon cuzz i love seeing them together :)

  7. the first time i sow them together i was like they will last because they got on well and then they fell out and made up however it seems like they couldn’t get over the problems and they split up their for i think justin and selena has some personal differences and it will be easier if their just friends and one last thing i’m not hating and am always gonna be justin fan always.

  8. Heartbreaker – Justin is clearly very much in love with selena
    Missing you already – Selena is still in love with Justin
    selena should think carefully before she rejects Justin again. she may be cutting her nose off to spite her face. she needs to not discuss it with swifty and her gang and use her own smarts instead. I think she will regret it if she turns him away, and I don’t like to think of what he might do if she does turn him away. I think he is very vulnerable.

  9. justin as boy’s have heart like that girl’s also have their own heart so please think about selena and sometime boy’s also cheat the girl’s but i know you r not cheating selena you really love…. so think from your heart as well as from mind.. may success always be with you…
    love you JB….

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