Shopping in China, No Discount for Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber Blue Hawaii Surf CHina

During his BELIEVE tour in China, Justin Bieber reportedly bought $1,500 worth of merchandise at one of  Blue Hawaii Surf stores in San Li Tun, China.

The store owner, Michael Zhang told PBN news:

Last week, Justin Bieber had a concert in Beijing, and he suddenly showed up to Blue Hawaii Surf with 20 or more body guards surrounding the entire store. He bought $1,500 worth of skateboards, HUF, Stussy, Hurley and Volcom Tees; we don’t give him any discount, which I don’t think he needed, and then he skateboarded down the stairs where lots fans watched.

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  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Lol ya Shoulda gavd him a Kiss! Muahhhh love you Bieby!

    • nevaeh

      I love you more than any other person you and my mom

  • hannah bieber

    how rude-.- they shouldve gave him a discount cuzz he deserves it.oh and justin did u buy me something lol jk

  • Kalani

    Amazing and of course hottie. He’s so flawless and humble.

  • tj

    he didnt even ask for a discount … and this store is using him for free publicity.

  • Nicki

    LOL! They are so rude to Justin. Justin you sure brought alot of things. It’s for your fashion and concerts. I luv you. :P

  • Kalani

    Justin is so adorable and hottie

  • Kalani

    I love justin. He’s so super talented and oh my goodness uber amazing

  • tina!

    is it racist that i read the title in a chinese accent in my head??

  • Mila Rosa

    Lol. <3 u biebahh. love you more than my boyfriend. haha.

  • Luhan’s Wifeu

    What’s the big deal pfft. So what if you didn’t give him discount? Is it really necessary to tell? He didn’t even asked for it anyways. They’re just using him for publicity to his store, indeed. What a shame.

  • jagruti

    Its ok……
    justin is amazing and hottest boy for me in this world…..
    Love you so much JB…….

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    i think he should have given him a discount but if that the store Pliocenes then ok

  • vaishnavi

    Ots ok i dont think that jb need any cheep discount and i also know that he is able to pay all the money.
    I love you jb

  • Christine lawless

    Justin bieber me and Sam want really to hear from you and please

    Love your biggest fan christine lawless

  • Mariah Bieber

    Wtf!Justin should be getting a discount he’s the most sexiest and famous person alive i think that deserves a discount!