VIDEO: #BelieveMovie – #Advice from Bieber Family!

Justin Bieber Ryan good have a talk

Usher, mom Pattie, Ryan Good & Scooter Braun give Justin some advice in a new clip from the upcoming movie Believe, posted as part of the #FilmFridays countdown to the big-screen.

In a confessional segment, Usher tells Justin:

When I first met you, I told you, you can have all of this if you believe in it. Now it’s happening. Don’t f*ck it up.

Below you can watch a promo for the movie that includes a lot of the advice – some from his mom Pattie Mallette, some from his mentor Usher, some from his manager Scooter Braun and more!

  1. I can’t wait till the official release of #Believe3D omg! I hope its as good as NSN. But I think it is with all these #filmfridays :D

  2. Guys you wouldn’t believe how disappointed I am on Justin. I went to his concert in Panama City, it was at the stadium, not at the convention center. I spent a lot of money so I could go to the meet and greet, but he was late. He didn’t say a word to me or anything, the whole thing lasted less than 20 seconds and he didn’t even smile on the picture. Then he showed up an hour late for his concert (it was scheduled for 8:30pm but he showed up at 9:40pm) he sang two songs and then he said “wait for two seconds, I’ll be right back” he literally left the stage for like 45 mins and then he came back and finished the show. The little girls couldn’t even see the whole show since it was so late and they had to go to school. I swear I’ll never spend any more of my money OR time on this idiot. So disappointed.

  3. There will always be one out of a hundred that will complain about something. He had over 200 people to meet and greet in panama according to a person that tweeted from there which was the main reason he had to rush and was late to the concert. He also probably had to deal with crowds getting in the way of getting to the stadium on time. Also, they broke the barricades at one point stopping the concert till they fixed it-all this according to people who tweeted from there.

    • Ivan
      You are one of the reasons I like coming to bieberzone next to the biebs himself
      I am one of his No.1 fans and I love to read your comments. You are like me
      A 100% bieber fan and you always got his back regardless of what someone saids
      and I am right with you.
      I hope one day yuu get a chance to meet him as well as my self
      Take care
      And keep the comments coming

      • he once did have a fight with this man in london and loads of swearing was incolved ans apparently one of my friends told me that he spits on his fans but i dont think i belive her anyways the fight with this man that Jb HAD WAS AGES AGO ANYWAYS LETS THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE ANYWAYS WHO CARES WE ALL FIGHT BUT ITS NORMAL AND NATURAL SO WE DONT MIND IF JUSTIN DOES THAT WHO CARES LIKE I SAID ITS NORMAL AND NATURAL GUYS SO GET A GRIP

  4. ( it is not so good english i come from the netherlands) in the begin of this year i was going to his concert. He was 2 hours to late on stage many of people could not going to home. Because the buses en trains were not. The gentleman of the concert all had to arounge buses. Justin must alot of mony to the man of the concert

  5. Lambor, thanks for your nice comment. He gets attacked so much in the media that I determined to defend him. I go to gossipcop, raderonline, and anywhere they trash him to correct lies and exaggerations. Sometimes he does some stupid things such as the peeing, due to drinking, in a bucket or having his pants too low at times, but he’s more decent than most celebrities. He has given about 125-130 concerts and being late about 6 or 7 times. The unexpected can happen such as bad traffic to the stadium so that’s not bad. But he has to cut down on clubs before concerts or he could be tired or oversleep. He also said he’s not always in a good mood due to not feeling well, etc. so he might not smile much.

  6. It’s easy to sit at your computer and trash someone but until you live their lives and deal with a crazy schedule and the media constantly hounding your every move, you
    have no idea what is really going on. People tend to forget they also have needs, feelings and a life of their own.

    • It’s not like there normal. They don’t seem normal. Pls most of them seem grounded and very down to earth like Justin, Miley, Demi lovato my favorite who I adore and love her work. She’s very poise and adore so much. LILY COLLINS

  7. Awwwww that’s so sweet.i cried while watching this video. I’m glad he has someone around him that cares about him and I agree with all the advice they gave him :)

  8. And Daniella I’m sorry but u just can’t leave just bcuzz of that.there had to be a reason why he was late.every celebrity does.just give him time

  9. I love justin. He’s such amazing guy. He’s so super talented and hot. He seems so grounded and humble. Who doesn’t love justin. He’s so oh my goodness hottie.

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