Again, Justin Bieber Flips Off Paparazzi in Brazil

Justin Bieber Flips Off

Justin flips off paparazzi in Rio de Jainero Brazil (November 5, 2013).

  • lambor500S

    High 5. Justin. They need to get a real life.

    Much Love?

    • Common Sense

      It’s called a job, like it or not it pays money. However you are a child and have no knowledge of how things are in the real world.

      • Kalani

        No wonder celebs can’t stand the stalkerazzi. There freaking annoying. I don’t Blame justin flipping out on the stalkerazzi. They seriously need to get a life. They suck. At Least justin has his bodyguards with him.

      • Zoey

        Common sense
        It stops being a job when these roaches hire a helicopter and fly over your house wich so happens to be your private property and space and start taking picture of u while flying over your house. Yes this happened to Justin!

        Please spare us your utter Bullshiiiit!!!!!!


    • Kathryn

      I don’t mind when people flip their fingers off. However, Justin is always saying “All glory to God”, saying he’s a Christian, and getting tattoos of his religion. But his recent behavior proves he doesn’t give a shit about his faith. Paying for prostitutes? REALLY? You can’t deny that. There’s photos of him under the bedsheets.

      • Lola

        RUMORS ever heard that word before either way get use to it cuz where Justin’s concerned people will makeup anything

      • rb

        E & Gossip Cop has debunked the brothel in Brazil rumor. E has also debunked other rumors. Look it up!

    • Jennifer

      The paparazzi s really need that

  • Belieber

    The paparazzi needs to get a life and leave Justin alone! All their just doing is basically stalking him everywhere. Even at his house. Ugh.

    • Kalani

      I bet his little sister painted his nails. Besides Justin is Amazing and flawless. Justin doesn’t deserve to be stalked. The paps are endless twits. There freaking idiots. Besides TMZ are the most dumbest and ugliest tabloids.

  • Not making fun but just noticing

    is his nail painted black?

    • rb

      That was from the water bottle that was thrown at him on stage.

      • Sinthia

        No it isn’t that when he was pray painting hello.

      • rb

        Hello, Justin is left handed, and if you go to [h**p://bieber-news.c*m/] you will see that all of his other finger nails are clean.

      • veronica

        that pissed me off

    • Tabitha.Morales

      nah its pink :)

  • Nicki


  • Briah

    It looks like his finger was painted! I couldn’t help but notice! Lol

  • mikeelli

    hi everyone how are you

    • Tabitha.Morales

      lovely i guess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! met a best friend who means sooooooooooooooooo much 2 me :) :)

  • mikeelli

    lol nice JB i like the finger

  • Okie

    Honestly so glad he flipped them off. Good job juju. And he was doing that graffiti in Brazil so I think that’s why his nail is colored.

  • ivan

    Ever wonder why over half of celebrities don’t like paps? They are the reason for much of the bad publicity Justin gets; they don’t respect the times he wants privacy. Some celebrities have hit paps and are given a pass, Justin, however, is criticized just for giving them the finger. Those who criticize him, put yourselves in his place. Celebrities are not like us but they did not lose the right to privacy.

    • Kalani

      They say there normal. But there really not. What normal person has stalkerazzi following them And fans follow them around like puppy Dogs. And they have a team doing things for them. And they have drivers. They are not normal. No normal person can afford high end purses, shoes and have VIP to places and shop with the store closing. Celebs are not normal people.

  • celia

    Stop saying that paparazzi needs to get a job because my cousin Lexy works their

    • Kalani

      No wonder celebs can’t stand them. There freaking idiots. They are always in your business. Besides tabloids are stupid and can’t even tell the truth. They seem to always make up crap. And tabloids are full of bullshit. And have the ugliest people working there

  • celia

    And i see he is smiling at that girl because he had sex with her

    • Kalani

      How would you know if he slept with that girl.

      • celia

        Yea you’re right it is a fan he is looking at because the girls mom is also their smiling at him

    • daika04

      what are you doing here on this side lol get your shit together and leave

  • hannah bieber

    celia sorry but they do need a life.all they want to do is just spread stupid rumors and dis every celebrity and he didn’t have sex with anybody. and im glad Justin flipped them off they deserved it I would’ve done the same thing.

  • hannah bieber

    and why is his nail painted lol

    • celia

      If he did not hook up with her then van some one please explain to me why is he smiling at her is she a fan ?

  • Truebelieber

    Is his nail painted? Mind fu-ked


    his nail is painted because of the ‘SPRAY PAINT’ !! o; yeesh!! -.\ use common sense!! he is a guy, he will never paint his nails!!

    • Kalani

      I do agree. Justin probably got paint on his nails when sprayed painted the walls. Justin is amazing.

  • Marion

    Paparazzi would not make a living of it if WE the public DID NOT READ their bs articles !!! And Commented on them !!!

  • LM Bieber

    u made the right thing Justin that paparazzi needs to get a life and stop bothering u!!
    i luv u Justin!!!!Belieber 4 ever

  • celia

    Stupid boy hooking up with that girl

    • Kalani

      Justin is not stupid. I highly doubt that justin would ever hook up with a girl in front of her mom.

  • cookieface

    Fake period. Nouthing real bout it for one thing anyone should notice his arm is too short and looks like he painted his nails so fake.

  • Jenny

    Wannabe chollo wtf go fuck your mom Justin im sure she will love it If you did instead of hooking up with that girl

  • Jenny

    Wow wannabe chollo alert

  • Jenny

    Go f#ck your mom Justin im sure she will love it instead of hooking up with that girl

    • brieana


  • Lovee

    Remember that one time he flipped off the paps a few years ago and apologized for it?
    Lol how the time flies.

  • Jenny

    Stupid bitch who does he think he is hooking up with that girl infront of the mom of the girl

  • rb

    E & Gossip Cop has debunked the brothel in Brazil rumor. E has also debunked other rumors. Look it up! As for nis finger, that was from the water bottle that was thrown at him on stage. go look at the video.

  • Jenny

    Go f#uck your mom Really nice justin then tell the papz to f#ck off

  • Jenny

    Or if you want to nail selena again then do it then tell the papz to f#ck off

    • rb

      @ Jenny, you have so much anger in your soul. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, and breathe in! How do you fee!!

  • beebee

    Justin has worked extremely hard to keep up the momentum on his career. TMZ has not helped him any with the bad publicity. The booing at the Billboard awards were probably paid by TMZ. What I mean by that is they could have easily paid for the tickets for people to attend the awards to specifically boo and embarrass Beiber. Who else does the media follow even to the ends of the earth to twist the truth for headlines.

    • beebee

      I am not saying that Beiber is a angel but he is testing the waters and he is only 19 years old. He needs to learn for himself and make mistakes like everyone does.

  • LaLa

    Um hello… without the paps taking photos, you’d have no daily photos of this boy, duh… so you’re all a bunch of hypocrites really…

  • Jenny

    All im trying to say is he f#cks his mom

    • Noor

      @Jenny U R Such an IDIOTIC person