Australian Mayor Tom Tate Asks Justin Bieber To Clean Up Hotel Graffiti

Justin Bieber Spray painting

Justin was seen spray painting a PacMan ghost-style pink cartoon complete with black teeth and a single black eye on a wall in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate wants Justin Bieber to remove the graffiti street-art he has left on the wall of a hotel in the south-east Queensland city, Australia.

According to the Guardian, The Gold Coast City Council is ordering the hotel to paint over a prized piece of graffiti by Justin. News of the order came minutes after the QT Hotel gushed about Justin’s decision to paint one of its walls when he stayed there earlier this week.

The hotel said:

Justin Bieber paint a piece of art in appreciation of his stay. This piece of art is now available to be viewed by fans of the artist and we believe that it is a wonderful addition to the colourful Gold Coast arts scene.

Justin Bieber Graffiti Australia Hotel

But it won’t be for long. Mayor Tom Tate says the council will be ordering the hotel to get rid of the graffiti Justin and his entourage painted on an external wall.

A council spokesman told AAP:

It might be on private land but it’s in prominent public view. The mayor will be contacting our compliance officers today to have a notice issued to the hotel to clean it up.

Earlier, the mayor said Justin should return to clean up his mess. He even suggested Justin should perform free at an upcoming Christmas carols event to show the community he’s truly sorry.

Mayor Tom Tait said:

The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking its a cool thing to do.

I know he’s got beautiful eyes. I’ve got some goggles for him, and some gloves because I know he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.

Just come and clean it up and we’ll be happy with you. Alternatively come and sing at our mayoral Christmas carols on the 7th of December for an hour and I’ll let you go.

He’s admitted to it. He’s gone onto his Twitter site and uploaded the shots. It’s disrespectful to be doing graffiti, but to boast about it on social media is just taking it to another level.


  • ivan’s girlfriend

    It was private land and Justin had permission to do it! Nobody did anything wrong! F those uptight, conservative morons! This is why old people should not be in politics. They don’t understand the younger generation! Art is art.

    • bitchezblikewhat?

      It is not wether he did something bad or not its the fact that that kid can’t do whatever he pleases just because he is famous…his just a stupid stuck up prick with a no life who needs to get a job to know what true life is instead of living his stupid fantasy of doing whatever he wants. And not it doesn’t matter where you are graffiti in most states is prohibited so he did wrong in doing what he did seriously you guys really need to think about what you post instead of just letting you queiber love get the better of you lmao no offence

  • ivan’s girlfriend

    Poor justin. It’s okay, he had permission.

  • Joanna

    I agree with the Australian Mayor, it is disrespectful and not a good message to let people know it’s okay to tag graffiti.

    • Anaisheartsbieber

      It’s a belief and I don’t know how it works in Australia but in the United States we have rights like freedom of speech the first ammement and justin was sureing his belief n the hotel wanted him to do the graffiti they told he could do it . Besides dosent the mayor have something better to do then worry about someone doing graffiti at a place where they allowed them to do it. The mayor should be worrieing about stuff more important like killers who are still out there or rapeist. Dang I wish they mayor had a state of mind. He really doesn’t know the job of a mayor.

      • Øystein

        I can’t really believe YOU have any idea who it works being a mayor either. :)

      • Anaisheartsbieber

        @oystein your sentence doesn’t even make sence. N btw I wouldn’t know how the mayor works but by the looks of it he should be more worry about crimes and stuff like that. Also justin wasn’t creating a crime. The mayor just wants to attack justin because he wants a free concert from him. Justin is not going to give him that satisfactory. And it isn’t like he got justin in jail. He honestly can’t do that if there was no crime.

  • ivone

    Tom Tate go take care of the real problems. Stop seeking publicity too obvious!!!

  • Belieber

    Justin had permission to by the hotel staff.

  • hannah bieber

    Hold up but Justin had permission to

  • Wtf

    Justin had EVERY RIGHT to do the graffiti. God, those politicians are so old and out of the loop.

    Happy thanksgiving guys!!

  • tj

    the hotel owns the thing and let him do it. its private property not public. the mayor has no power.

  • ivan

    This mayor is full of crap. The owners of the property did not object and agreed to it. Who the heck does he think he is, a dictator? The Hotel should not let him, and probably will, let this tin pot push them around.

  • Bieber’s Shawty❤❤

    Don’t u know guys in here Australia it’s not allowed to paint or do that in certain place!! U can even get charged

  • avonbieberxu

    the mayor didn’t have to be a bitch about it he should
    be grateful that the most famous solo singer is in his
    town or city and having like 5 shows there and Justin
    had permission by the hotel its not like Justin is writing
    bad things. They’re just animated cool creatures and
    its not saying any bs. Its just some street art and a new
    habit he has and likes doing. Justin also is really responsible
    and asked for permission to do some street art with his
    friend.Justin also did it so his fans can see what he
    likes doing or spray painting for fun. It is the hotel’s
    property and they let him do some street art
    outside, so the mayor should just mind about bigger
    problems in his community. I know the mayor
    doesn’t like it bc it looks like some gang did it
    but Justin does it for fun and for his fans to see.

    • can you not

      Lol. that’s your opinion.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Why is he doing graffiti just curious.

  • Sarah Bieber

    I honestly do not think the graffiti makes the hotel looks nicer. Sure it was painted by Justin so people think it’s wonderful, but if it was painted by a random teenager than no one would like it. I’m not hating on justin, I’m a belieber, but I’m jsut being honest.

    • Anaisheartsbieber

      I get where your coming from but still the mayor is honestly stupid. I get it if it was a teenager doing it people would react a different way but the point is weather it was justin or a random teenager the hotel did let him do it. N the mayor is only going after justin so justin can do a free concert.

  • E Bieber

    I live in Australia so I know for a fact what justin is doing is alright. The hotel gave him permission to do this. It’s private property and the mayor needs to stop because it’s not his problem. He goes another reason people will give him hate.

    P.S I’m seeing him on Saturday… 3 days !


    Mayor Tom Tate ! Don’t be cheeky !

  • essie j

    that’s so stupid really he’s not the only one doing it wtf

  • ivan

    The point is the Mayor is acting like a Dictator trying to overrule the owners of a private hotel. Maybe he does not like graffiti but he should read the history of Graffiti; it’s over 10 thousand years old starting with the caveman. it was the first type of art. Bieber did what some say he should have done in BRAZIL, he asked for and got permission. But they still criticize him; he can’t win no matter what he does. The hotel should fight this mayor for using his political power to push his weight around. Their law against graffiti may not apply here.

  • daika04

    dear justinbieberzone this story is wrong wtf the hotel has no prob with his graffity art he asked and they said yes did you ever get your facts right look at their facebook side or twitter or here ”Justin Bieber: ‘He Asked, We Said YES,’ Says Gold Coast Hotel Amid Graffiti Row inquisitr(.)com/1045767/justin-bieber-he-asked-we-said-yes-says-gold-coast-hotel-amid-graffiti-row/ … ”

  • daika04

    or here @Angus_OL confirmt it too pic(.)twitter(.)com/vtlwsYbcE8

  • Jennaluvsyoucrazy

    Stupid pervert im done with being a belieber just reported that he went to a strip club Last night and just can’t take it anymore im kissing being a huge belieber good bye because said that It was true he did go to the strip club and i believe them even do they don’t have pics but i still believe them

    • brieana


      • Joseph

        Hr better get his,s#it together or else Selena isn’t going to trust him anymore jkjk i know that she doesn’t believe the fake stories that insiders say about him she believes only Justin not the media i was just joking about the whole strip club thing its,all a lie are liars they told us that he was caught going to a strip club but were are the pics ??? No they don’t have any that’s how you know its fake bull

  • Tassh

    he wouldnt have done it without permission. He said when he started doing it that everything he graffitis, he has permission. and saying that he should come back to Brisbane on the 7th is so stupid. he has other concerts to do! He’s got one in perth on the 8th and he’s not going to waste his time flying to the other side of Australia just because you’re unhappy. Yes maybe he shouldnt have it, okay, but everyone makes mistakes so shut up.

  • Joseph

    Yea i even heard he got trown in the trash can at his wild party the insider said he got trown in the trash can by some angry boyfriend of a girl that Justin was flirting with all night and he even kissed her

  • ivan

    The story in the insider comes from the National inquirer which is as reliable as Hollywoodlife. Anyone can make up a story for money based on certain details regarding his parties that we do know. Remeber King Kevi? He went to Raderonline to report on his parties for which he got paid; the story was made up. Justin did not even know who he was. It was exposed in Gossipcop. Don’t trust the National Enquirer. They have been sued many times for false stories and lost in court. Check out the article on The National Enquirer in the Rationalwiki site.

  • Kidrauhl’s girl♥

    But justin had permission to do so. The mayor is just seeking attention, the owner of the hotel agreed for him to do his perfect graffiti c:

  • ivan

    Justin has little experience with Graffiti; i think Chris Brown was the one who gave him lessons a short time ago Now he’s very good at it.
    I have seen that article regarding the trash can incident in The Enquirer. It’s based on a so-called source claiming he or her was at the party. It is short and the type of story anyone can make up for money. It has no date for the party; i assume it’s the one attended by Chris Brown among 75-100 people. File it under fiction.

  • brieana


    • Joseph

      Brieana reports say that he,
      Was at,a strip club but were are the pics,of him going in the club or getting out of the club and also how do they know he was they’re its just bull made up by sources not even tmz reported on it or perez Hilton nobody reported on it except or some other stupid media outlets who don’t know Nothing

      • brieana

        Joseph, SORRY about that eveytime justin gets something said about him I freak out because of the media I don’t necessarily believe in the media it’s just that I feel sometimes justin gets overwelmed and I tend to worry about justin. I know that justin says we should not believe in the media because they tell LIES but for some reason I really can’t tell you there are pictures because it’s hard for me to its just a website trying to make up stories I should’ve thought before posting that to you. I’m so mad because I feel like you and other beliebers will be upset with me for saying that. I hope u forgive me.

  • ivan

    Those sites such as Raderonline, The examiner, TMZ, and many others have writers that are haters who have reported things that later turned out to be untrue. I have mentioned a lot of them. So don’t believe anything from them unless there are videos or pictures that are not fake or confirmation from Bieber or his crew.

  • ivan

    Regarding strip clubs; you merely hear music and see strippers while with friends and tip them for perfoming. If you have an after party where they can perform for tips, they would go. Harry Styles on his birthday had a stripper at his bash. Also Rihanna and Drake were recently at a strip club and tipped thousands of dollars yet the media did not make a big deal of it. They only pick on Bieber.

    • Joseph

      Did you see the story about joe Jonas and that he had nude pictures that We’re going To come out on july when they never did that story was false and this strip club party was also false because there are no pics or videos that support the story and also this so called source claims that he/she was they’re with him at the stripclub

  • Smart belieber njhs

    Justin bieber has permission from his crew and heotal staff and from his body grauds and let him paint it on a privity protey in the USA we have a lot of freedom

  • sofie

    don’t worry Brieana sweetheart. Of course we forgive you. you know i was actually surprised when i saw your first post about this report about Justin going to Another stripclub. but now I’ve read all your other coments you wrote and I understand your first reaction. you know sometimes it can be a Little confusing Reading all this stuff in the media. even if you love Justin just like i do, I sometimes have my doubts. but at the end of the day we should Believe in Justin, not the media. Just like joseph said if there are no pics, nor videos of this party why then wasting our time believing this is true. I don’t Think it is true cuz I don’t really trust so-calle sources. so let’s stay by Justins side and support him wholeheartly. I hope all of you on this site have a great day and lots of love to my beliebersister brieanna. Just one more thing concerning Justins graffitti painting. what’s the big deal about it? He’s doing it for fun and it doesn’t hurt anyone. So I wish people would just leave Justin alone.

    • brieana