Justin Bieber ‘Alone – Lyrics Audio. Listen Now! (Bonus Track)


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Justin Bieber ‘Alone’ Lyrics

We were inseparable
Everything I had to do, I did it next to you
And the memories we made were so incredible
Then our love was interrupted by my schedule
There was nothing that I could do

‘Cause you fell into the deepest depression, baby
And I hate to know I’m responsible
Then your heart filled up with so much aggression, baby
You got used to being alone, alone
You adapted, not you’re used to being alone, all alone,
You’re used to being on your own

I saw it happening but I didn’t accept the truth, I couldn’t fathom it
There was so much going on, you couldn’t handle it
Could’ve divided my time, I should’ve fractioned it,
There was nothing that I could do

‘Cause you fell into the deepest depression, baby
And I hate to know I’m responsible
Then your heart filled up with so much aggression, baby
You got used to being alone, alone, all alone
You adapted, now you’re used to (forgive me for you) being alone
all alone (didn’t mean to leave you lonely, girl)
You’re used to being on your own, all on your own.

  • Tanisha

    This is Perfect!

  • brieana


  • liz

    heyyyyyyy…… biebz…………… i luv yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

    • Alex

      I agree Yaa.. Farther Lok

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Sadddddddd :(( I want them Back like YESTERDAY…Loved their love..

  • Kalani

    Justin’s song are hot. I love justin. He’s Amazing artist. I love all his songs. He’s super talented. His songs are so oh my goodness tight.

  • Esperanza

    This makes sense so when he gets off hi s tour they will reunite you’ll see

  • rb

    You want the love of life back Justin, then keep on singing, and behave yourself, even tho it’s hard when you’re apart. I can relate; that’s what I had to do, no singing of course.

    • Kalani

      Yeah I don’t think so. Justin and Selena were so good together. They were perfect together.

  • Biebersdonut

    it’s perfect asdfghjkl!!!!! :)

  • hannah bieber

    What how could he release a new song. Its not even monday yet lol but the song is just so amazing

  • Britt

    Omg it’s soo fucking good i love it

  • belieber 971

    justin et selena me manque tellement

  • belieber 971

    i miss JELENA so much

    • Aisha forson

      Keep doing what u do cause u amazing,love u

    • Kalani

      I did miss jelena. Just hope they can stay friends and always stay friends. I love Justin. He’s so adorable. Hope Justin can trust his closes friends. And of course his besties. Who doesn’t love Justin.

  • dchopsey

    AWESOME. Justin cannot write a bad song. He just so AMAZING. GOD bless Justin.

  • sofie

    wow!! This song is so Amazing. I love him so much and I love his pure and honest heart. I really hope they can get back together if both of them want to try again. I know what I’m talking about. Me and my boyfriend worked things out and we got back together and have been happily together ever since. So there’s Always a 2nd chance if you want. Justin continue to sing your heart out and don’t ever let people bring you down. stay strong. you are Beautiful inside and out. I love you.

    • KALANI


  • hannah bieber

    I agree with sofie

  • mimi justin

    Ilove U justin Bieber

  • thd#

    Is it just me or does he use some exact word from Selena’s song “Love will remember” ? Like “we were inseperable” and so on.
    Guys, it’s a hint! :D

  • jb_ink

    do you guys not realize the last 2 songs he came out with (Bad Day & Alone) were originally by POO BEAR (MDMA) released more then a year ago? none of this is about selena nor is he getting creative. he’s covering old songs..

  • Zoey

    Poo Bear wrote this song! Nice Try Jelena fans.

  • Megha

    Perfect song.. Just realy mis jelena.. Perfect couple

    • INDRO

      where I am fine this song

    • INDRO

      hey BELIEBERS please tale me. where I am find this song

  • Zoey

    Justin wrote Heartbreaker, All That Matters, All Bad.

    Poo Bear wrote PYD, Alone, Bad Day!

    What were you saying?

    • KALANI


  • Zoey

    Oh and Recovery!. FUUUCK UU IF YOU THINK Jelena was a good couple! I cannot belive that uu people like Floplena after what she did. How do you justify her shading?? Tell me!

    • tiffany

      i guess i pretty much agree with you.i will never foget when she said that she made him cry.i know it was a joke but that wasn’t cool.i mean i feel so bad for him.he fought so hard for her and the least she could have done was to PRIVATLEY let him down easley.not humiliate him in front of THE WORLD.I bet justin saw that interveiw too.I saw it on youtbe.so much shitty comments encouraging selena’s behavior on the show.SMH.i ddin’t really find much beliebers defending justin on there.maybe they didn’t want to watch it :(

      I’m sure he finds someone else.i don’t hate selena but i just don’t like her as much as justin or miley.and i will never forget that interveiw. :,(

      ps:please no hate,i just wanted say my thoughts and i respect you guys opioions so please respect mine.please.

  • essie j

    its perfect i love it :)


    all BELIEBERS where I am find this song… please give me web site

    • Lovethemboth

      Justin bieber zone

  • nicki

    I luv it……….you are amazing……..its perfect……..I luv you………

  • Cécilia Beebs Belieber Girl

    This song is so amazing and hot. Justin is an angel. I LoVE Justin so much.

  • Sahil

    perfect .. but i would like him to make r&b .. like in believe album…

  • Selena Chavez

    That was a perfect song did you know that he wrote that song for me mrs.bieber#1

  • Belieber

    It’s perfect ♥

  • mrs.bieber

    i love you justin i want to have sex with you so bad cuase you hot and sexy i want to have a lot of babys with you babe i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so much

    • mrs.bieber

      justin pieas marry me ppppppppleas i love you babe