Justin Bieber Jumps Off a Cliff in Hawaii [VIDEO PICS]

Justin Bieber Jump of teh Cliff Hawaii

Justin Bieber jumps off a cliff in Hawaii and a few cameras captured the moment. He looks momentarily fearful as he glances back, but then makes the leap into the churning water before starting his swim back to shore.

Justin Bieber Jump of a cliff hawaii

Justin recently wrapped a tumultuous Latin America leg of his Believe tour in Mexico City on Tuesday, and is thought to have flown straight to Hawaii after his concert.


19 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Jumps Off a Cliff in Hawaii [VIDEO PICS]

  1. Kalani

    Can’t believe Justin’s bodyguard got arrested. The stalkeazzi should be shot in the head. And tabloids well there stupid and ignorant.

  2. mrbieber

    Omq he is so hot omq i was born in mexico and imwish i was in haiwai with hem omq i love hemmso much i live in miami fl but i wish incoulg go to mexico awainhmto see hem

  3. ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    Oh god i almost faint he could of kill himself which i will not like of course but he a brave hottty

  4. lambor500S

    Be careful doing wild and crazy stunts. Remember you have goal to reach with your music far as becoming the new Prince of pop. We do not want to see you get hurt

    Much Love!

  5. hannah bieber

    Wow he didn’t even look scared.lol he sure is a brave guy.I wouldve been scared. He would’ve killed himself!!!! Good thing he had people with him to protect him. And why was hisbody guard arrested ?????


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