Justin Bieber & K-pop Star G-Dragon Collaborate on New Song

Justin Bieber - G Dragon

One of K-pop’s brightest stars has linked up with one of the world’s biggest pop singers. G-Dragon, the leader of popular boy band BIGBANG, and Justin Bieber have recorded a track together.

When asked about a Bieber collaboration during a press conference before the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards, G-Dragon revealed the project:

To be honest, we’re already finished with the recording. I think the song will come out sometime next year.

But more than it being a really big project, I think it’ll be an album where artists with the same heart decided to have fun. It was less burdensome than a big album, so I’ll be able to show a better song to the fans. If you have anticipation for it, I’ll reply with an album that will meet those expectations.

Justin and D-Dragon hung out when he was in South Korea last month for a stop on his “Believe” tour. D-Dragon was a special guest performer at the concert.

  • liz

    first for da first tym

  • liz


  • liz


  • Belieber

    Yay I’m excitedted

  • Belieber

    Yay I’m excited

  • Kalani

    Justin is super talented. Hope he gets to Colbrate with timberland or Justin Timberlake. He’s such amazing artist.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Ughhh hope this isn’t WACK …like PYD.. R Kelly ruined it! No Wack Colabos Justin…JUST SAY NO!

  • hannah bieber

    Idk who he is but I’m sure its gonna be good lol but why next year????? :/

    • maria

      you should search him up a listen to his music it’s epic. i’m sure you’ll like it. lol u might think he is weird or crazy at first but its’s cuz its a total different language

    • Mysterious VIP

      He is like super famous in Korea! You should totally check some of his songs like “Crayon”. He is also super talented (he writes most of the songs for BIGBANG, the group he is in and also he is the leader) I hope you can give him your support! He has come a long way to be we’re he is!

  • Marion

    Guys check on ITunes G Dragon new song Crooked and BiGBang songs from Bad Boy to many others. We are fans in my house from 9 to 50 years old. I think you will love them a lot too !

  • nicki

    Yay………I’m excited……..luv u Justin……

  • Panda

    Only listening to GD. That’s it.

  • G-Dragon_V.I.P

    Seriously?! I can’t believe that they spelled G-Dragon’s name wrong. Honestly, Justin Bieber’s concert probably sold out in South Korea just because of G-Dragon.

    • Alessandra

      I know! GD can do so much better :( He’s extremely talented!!

    • keller

      How rude

  • kelly

    yay i’m sure it will sound awesome with g dragon on it

  • anastasia

    oh my god i cant wait for it i’m such a big g dragon fan

  • V.I.P

    g dragon forever!!!!!

  • V.I.P

    WELL i dont really want g dragon to get involved with justin because of all the controversies surrounding him but if GD has no problem then i guess its okay

  • keller

    Its not released though

    • keller