Justin Bieber Launching Selfie App – Shots Of Me


RockLive is finally launching a selfie photo sharing app called “SHOTS OF ME”. Justin Bieber reportedly led a $1.1 million round of funding.

Shots of Me (Shots.me) is a social network entirely for selfies.

Unlike other platforms, what makes Shots of Me functionally unique is actually what it lacks: Comments.

RockLive CEO John Shahidi tells Techcrunch.com:

Honestly, [Justin] loved it. He was a bit annoyed by other platforms (referring to the constant homophobic slurs and hate he gets on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.)

The commenting thing was something he really cared about. Not just for himself, but for the kids. He said “I want a platform where my fans don’t have to deal with this (drama & bully).”

We didn’t ask him for money. He said “I want to be part of this.”

RockLive had already raised $1.6 million from Shervin Pishevar, boxer Floyd Mayweather, early Apple employee Tom McInerney and NALA investments. Justin contributes the majority of the $1.1 million second round.

This is Justin’s first publicly announced personal investment without the help of his manager Scooter Braun. Shahidi says:

Justin did a lot of due diligence. He asked a lot of questions and he calls all the time.

Shots of Me app is available to download on iPhone. Will you be using it?

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