Justin Bieber Shopping in Venice, CA (Nov16)

Justin Bieber and Fans Shopping Venice CALi

Justin did some shopping and stopped to take pictures with fans after being recognized on the street in Venice, California (Nov16). He dons a bright blue t-shirt as he gets into his car.

Justin is all set to release “PYD” Nov18 which features R. Kelly on his next #MusicMonday!

In case you missed it, be sure to watch the full length trailer for Believe Movie which opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

  • this little cholita ha:)

    What a b#tch i wish he gets cancer and dies hahaha

  • essie j

    damn he looks so hot ;)

  • this little cholita ha:)

    I bet 100bucks his white ass self will get cancer very soon hahahahahaha

    • Kalani

      Justin always looks hot in everything.

  • rb

    @this little cholita ha:)>because of your hate, the odds are that you and the surrounding people that you love will be subject to illness. You must be positive in all things that you do; encourage others as well. You will feel the difference! If Justin falls ill and besides “food poisoning”, it will be because of a broken heart. I can relate to it, because I’ve been through it. Some people act differently to breakups. I am lucky to be with the one I love.

    • brieana

      Awww rb I’m so happy for you. Wish you luck on EVERYTHING I bet you guys look adorable together don’t worry about that HATER he’s just jealous that justin can do what he can’t.

  • biebergirl

    He looks so damn hot and cute

  • Zoey

    Your mother going to get cancer! Little bitch!

    • this little cholita ha:)

      Im so scared of a little 12year old fan girl

    • Lizzie

      Please don’t say that it wasn’t nice of you saying that.

  • Zoey

    Your mother going to get cancer! Little bitch! @cholita

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    To the ppl who are saying that you wish that Justin gets cancer & dies, you’re idiots cuz how would you like it if some1 said that to you, would you like it? I don’t think so, so stop saying that about Justin. Death wishes are not nice!

    • Kalani

      You people are retarded for saying that. Who does that. You people are idiots.

  • Hannahbieber

    Ok haters stfu if anything your getting cancer bcuzz your judging every single thing he does.he was just shopping meeting some fans and your calling him a bi*** for it ???? Wow u guys really need a life.i feel so bad for u haters lol

  • Kidrauhl’s girl♥

    That is so sweet. Justin really loves he’s beliebers :) the pic on the right looks like the “U smile” music video

  • Mrs.Bieber

    They are fu*king lucky man i wish i meet him oneday lvu jb!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Bieber

    They are fu*king lucky man i wish i meet him oneday lvu jb god give u more years lvu!!!!!

  • flora

    haters will die soon , don’t u haters have any other work ………………………………. lve u justin

  • eubene

    shut up whoever said that justin will die no you are wrong hey all of you who are haters shut up
    i love justin bieber too you know they are so luck in venice in california meet them in november 16 wow

  • m l

    haters are cowards who hide behind their keyboards. they haven’t got the balls to come forward so that we can see who we are talking to.

  • Nicki