Justin Bieber Surfing in Australia – Shows Off Buff Body Beach

Justin Bieber goes surfing in Australia

Justin Bieber photographed showing off his amazing abs whilst taking surfing lessons in Australia. He does the ‘sag’ to show off his Ralph Lauren underpants and his buff body then takes to the waves at the famous Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia.

Justin Bieber Surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay Australia

Justin stripped off for his first session learning to surf with an instructor. But unfortunately he was a bit of a novice and didn’t manage to stand up for long. Never-the-less, he and instructors high-fived his achievement. As he went into the water he was accompanied by a young bikini babe.
After that he headed to the beach to pose and relax.

Justin and his crew headed to the celeb-friendly seaside town on Wednesday morning after he performed the first of his Aussie Believe concerts in Brisbane the night before. They headed south from their hotel at Surfers Paradise and drove to the beach in sun-kissed Byron Bay.

  • Monica

    He looks like a grown man and damn does he ever look so good. He’ll be 20 and he is becoming more and more gorgeous.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      Ditto…so handsome…how do you upload your own profile/ avatar pic???

  • Belieber

    Ah! It’s just so sexy ;)

  • Kalani

    Can you believe he’ll turn 20 in 4 months. Oh my goodness Justin.

  • Selena drew bieber

    OMB can’t you believe he’s going to be 20 in 4 months OMB he’s growing to fast

  • brieana

    20 in 4 months I can’t believe it YOU are growing up so fast justin!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!! God bless justin drew.

  • hannah bieber

    Wow he looks so hot.4 months he will be 20 wow he grew up so fast

  • nicki

    Amazing! At least you learning………..It took me couple of days to learn and I’m really good at it……Its really fun…….Keep trying Justin…….Don’t give up…….You look so Hot……Luv you :)

    • yasmin

      this very hansome

  • yasmin

    this very handsome

  • lambor500S

    Damn, can you only imagine how he’s going to look at 25 if he looks like this now .

    If, I was Selena we would definitely be friends with benefits unless we were dating .

  • Diana.Garrido

    He looks very hot nice body I love you Justin so so so much keep looking hot

  • Jennaluvsyoucrazy

    Stupid jerk i see he wants to hook up with those girls stupid ass hole TMZ was right he is a jerk and selena gomez deserved better and yet he is still writing songs about her like dude cmon just let her go stupid ass hole

    • that swaggy belieber

      how about you hop of this website and leave him alone. seriously your just being a low life and its pathetic.

  • sarah1234

    halo justin love you :=) ;/()= =)(/
    love youu :=%=/(=) =//()=)/(()//()%=)(

  • priya

    i am very happy today, justin is looking so hot and after some months he will be of twenty years i am waiting for his next birthday
    i loveeee you justin
    i am your die heart belieber.

  • that swaggy belieber

    I love him so much, cant believe how grown he is. IM SO SICK OF THE HATE HE GETS LIKE COME ON GUYS HIS HUMAN JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. he is one sexy beast xx

  • #1 beleiber 4 ever

    Sexy Beast!!!!!!!!

  • elisa

    i am real big fan of justin bieber he my favorite singer he my favorite star love all his songs enjoy listening to your muisc amazing talent never hate the bieber love alway and forever love em lol :)>3 justin bieber great abulm love it heartbreaker love him alway love you