Justin Bieber Surfing in Australia – Shows Off Buff Body Beach

Justin Bieber goes surfing in Australia

Justin Bieber photographed showing off his amazing abs whilst taking surfing lessons in Australia. He does the ‘sag’ to show off his Ralph Lauren underpants and his buff body then takes to the waves at the famous Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia.

Justin Bieber Surfing at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay Australia

Justin stripped off for his first session learning to surf with an instructor. But unfortunately he was a bit of a novice and didn’t manage to stand up for long. Never-the-less, he and instructors high-fived his achievement. As he went into the water he was accompanied by a young bikini babe.
After that he headed to the beach to pose and relax.

Justin and his crew headed to the celeb-friendly seaside town on Wednesday morning after he performed the first of his Aussie Believe concerts in Brisbane the night before. They headed south from their hotel at Surfers Paradise and drove to the beach in sun-kissed Byron Bay.

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