Justin Bieber Uploaded His 1st ‘Shots of Me’ Image


Justin’s first image on “Shots of Me” app. As previously reported, Justin has invested about $1.1 million in the app. Unlike Instagram where user can upload almost any photos (food, selfies, fashion, ur favorite things), Shots Of Me is a social network entirely for selfies.


    • That he’s amazing and super talented. His songs are hot. I feel sorry for justin. Always have to defend himself. He shouldn’t have to. Half of the stories are made up and tmz are the most ugliest tabloid ever.

  1. A 23 year old man in the news has a instagram comment company and now multiple investors are trying to buy his company. They are offering him billions of dollars. Could this happen to Beiber with this new company? Just saying? I had mucho loud adds playing on this site and I don’t know if they are trying to run me away . If so I won’t post again.

  2. Nice sexy pictures. Justin
    You are my boyfriend baby
    I saved the picture as screen saver
    I have to buy the app of shots of me.com ok just wait ok but I still
    Love you baby

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