Justin Bieber Uploaded His 1st ‘Shots of Me’ Image


Justin’s first image on “Shots of Me” app. As previously reported, Justin has invested about $1.1 million in the app. Unlike Instagram where user can upload almost any photos (food, selfies, fashion, ur favorite things), Shots Of Me is a social network entirely for selfies.


  1. Justin's sexy new girlfriend Samantha
  2. Belieber
  3. beebee
    • beebee
    • beebee
  4. beebee
  5. #1Bieber
    • beebee
  6. Mrs BiEbErLiCiOuS
  7. Reyneeann ♥
  8. Liliana
  9. Nicki
  10. Kidrauhl's girl♥
  11. Kidrauhl's girl♥
    • Kalani
  12. tabitha.morales
  13. Rebecca Bieber

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