Justin Bieber’s Producer – Poo Bear INterview

Justin Bieber - Poobear

Fanlala talks with Justin Bieber’s current producer Poo Bear to find out what beliebers can expect from Justin in the coming months and what it’s like working with him in the studio!

Fanlala: What is it like working with the iconic Justin Bieber?

Poo Bear: It’s incredible. Justin is able to listen to what great music is. Going into the studio, he knows what he wants. He knows exactly what he wants to do and where he wants to go. Working with someone on that level is a dream.

He’s moved over into an R&B sound. I thought he’d want to do more pop music, but he wants to evolve, and he wants his fans to grow with him. We started just going through music and it clicked. He’s singing what he wants to sing, it’s resonating with his fans, his Beliebers. They grew with him, and the experience has been incredible to see him embrace a new sound.

F: If you could pick any artist for Justin to work with, who would you pick?

PB: It would be incredible to see him do a record with Kanye. A collaboration, they’re both superstars. They both know what they want. Kanye isn’t afraid and they would just do a great collaboration. I think it would be great to combine both forces for something unexpected.

F: Will we be seeing you in #BelieveMovie?

PB: You will not be seeing me in this movie. I just started working with Justin last January. The movie will be a recap of the ‘Believe’ era. But the next movie that he does will be a recap of everything we’ve done. It’ll be recapping his concert, the tour. Everything from ‘Believe.’

F: Justin’s been releasing songs every Monday for the past few weeks. Can you tell us about an upcoming album?

PB: Justin is musically involved in it now. We haven’t been thinking of any titles or release dates. It’s powerful music that’s inspirational. The songs are going to get you through trials to triumph. If anything, it a man-in-the-mirror album that reflects on what’s going on. He’s really looking at helping and healing the world and he wants to reflect that in his music. I can tell you that the music is just incredible.

We’ve recorded music in Chile and Argentina, Brazil, Rio de Janerio. There’s no one set location. It’s all around the world which is really cool.

F: What’s Justin like when he’s recording in the studio?

PB: He’s the most focused artist I’ve ever worked with. Justin knows what he wants and he doesn’t second guess it. We don’t leave until we’re done. Maybe we’ll get something to eat, but in the end, we leave when we have something we love. He genuinely cares about his music. He’s super focused, and it’s a pleasure working with him. Justin may be 19-years-old right now, but in terms of his maturity levels, he’s something like 35.

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