Maejor Ali Compares Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson [VIDEO interview]

Maejor Ali sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he made bold comparisons about Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson.

While he is a huge Michael Jackson fan, Ali believes that Justin has the naturally gifted talent and work ethic to become bigger than Michael Jackson was as time carries on. He believes that anyone is capable of outdoing “the greatest” in any aspect of life and should never settle for second place just because someone already holds the title of “the greatest.” He also spoke on how Justin’s rap verse on his single “Lolly” came to be.

  • lambor500S

    I agree Justin does have the potential to become just as big if not bigger than

    Michael Jackson in this generation. He is touring all over the globe US and other

    countries and all of his shows are sold out. He has achieve so much for a young

    person keep up the hard work.

    Much Love!

  • Bbb

    he is never going to be named a legend like Michael Jackson is .

    • Just saying

      Justin is very talented, but in no way shape or form is he on any level next to Michael Jackson. Even when Michael died, his albums were still off the charts. If he was compared to Justin T. then I can sorta understand. But Michael is one hell of a legend.

    • ivan

      never say never

  • Belieber

    Justin does have the ability to be as big as Michael Jackson was.

  • Heath

    No no no. MJ had very wide appeal and many many fans of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It’s why he had such a huge impact and a lot of his music was groundbreaking.

    Yu might not want to hear this, but outside of Bieber fandom and teen girls, JB is very very very hated by lots of people. He’d have to somehow magically become not hated to even start getting close to MJ. And his music might be ok pop music, but it isn’t on the level of MJ’s in terms of creativeness and impact.

  • beliebtionar

    I do agree that he ID talented of course but he can’t be king of pop but he can be prince of pop you what mean and I love Justin Bieber soooo much don’t me wrong :)

  • Frances

    Are they crazy ? The Beaver has not even hold a candle to Mj. Michael was a dancermmmmm. The Beaver will never be better than Michael. Im 70 and I remember my daughter listening t him andI myself did and still listen once in a while.

    • NCBF03

      Don’t you know that Justin is a big fan of Michael?? But Michael is more than Justin but justin is a Good and Talented Singer!! by the way I am a Belieber!!

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Yes he is Defintely GIFTED!!

  • rb

    Granted MJ was a day of being 51 years when he died, and had been in the music industry for 45 years. Justin on the other hand has been in the business for 5 years and has many years more years to go. You cannot compare JB to MJ because of their age and their of state being at their respected time; however you can compare JB to Austin Mahone and vice versa as a single artist which has been done in many articles. When a king is deceased you elect another king. For the new generation some call Justin the new King of POP, some call him the Prince of POP! As time goes on, I am sure he will be given a title that will please this generation. NOTE: MJ had haters as well, and in terms of creativeness; Justin is doing a great job.

  • ivan

    Rb is right. I followed Jackson’s career and also he recieved much hate by being called a white woman, gay, pedo, etc. He also had a much longer career than Justin but look at what Justin has accomplished in 5 years! If his music is getting better as even former haters are saying, why not in other ways? He may never reach the level of the king of pop, but he could come close-give him time. Jackson was not a teen idol like justin; he did not have Justin’s sex appeal; he looked bizarre at times. I don’t think they threw bras at him as they did to Elvis or Tom Jones; but he was the greatest stage performer I’ve seen. See the DVD of his Dangerous tour and you will see what I mean

  • ivan

    By the way, I think Mattybrap has the potential to be bigger than Austin mahone and successor to Justin when he retires; he has it all except he is still around 11 or so. We will see. What do you think?

  • Nicki

    That is true…….justin do have alot of talent just like Michael…..luv u justin

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