Poo Bear: ‘Justin Bieber is 19 but Mature; Mentally 35’

Justin Bieber Poobear All That Matters

The producer and pal of Justin Bieber, Poo Bear [Jason Boyd], gave an interview to the Examiner. Check out Poo Bear talks about working with Justin and how he met him.

Poo Bear on Justin’s maturity & how he met him:
Justin’s only 19, but he’s a mature 19. He’s about 35 mentally — that’s how we’re able to hang out. We have a great relationship. It was all organic and natural, nobody put me with him and nobody put him with me. I met him at a birthday party and we just clicked. We’re very similar in a lot of ways and that’s why it feels so right because it wasn’t contrived, it happened naturally.

Poo Bear on Justin Bieber’s R&B:
Right now, I feel like R&B has become a lost art, and who better to bring it back than the biggest star in the world? Justin Bieber grew up listening to Boys II Men and all those kinds of groups. In his heart, he has always wanted to sing music like that, but he had to get to the level where it made sense for him to sing it. He had to go from that teen superstar to a young man who is in relationships and going through real adult trials and errors. 

Poo Bear on making music with Justin:
But these are my songs. Justin was the only person who could take my records [All that matters] from me and flip ‘em and personalize them as Justin Bieber. If he wants to sing these records and change them around and make them more him, then I’m with that. I got more records, I got stuff that’s just waiting for the right time.

Poo Bear thankful for Justin:
I’m really thankful that Justin Bieber believed in me 100%. He let me come in and work with him to create this new sound. I really want to put that out there because I’ve written a lot of hit songs for a lot of artists, but none of them have appreciated me as much as Justin Bieber does.

I also want to thank Michael Cammarata, he was a big change in my life. I never had a manager who really cared about me and just had my back. Look out for a lot of great new music, look out for Poo Bear music and look out for Justin Bieber music. ‘All That Matters’ just went to radio and it’s going crazy. At first, nobody was really sure that people would like this new sound, but people love it and I just want to say, thank you.

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