Russell Crowe Defends Justin Bieber Over Graffiti Controversy in Australia

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Justin hit headlines in Australia this week when he was caught spray-painting a wall in the grounds of the hotel where he was staying on the Gold Coast.

The local mayor, Tom Tate, was furious with Justin and publicly ordered him to clean up his mess.

However, New Zealand actor Russel Crowe, who is based in Australia, insists he likes seeing Justin’s graffiti artwork and backed him in a post on, writing:

I like Bieber’s tagging. Tag on little brother. Tag the world.

Justin previously found himself in trouble with the law over his ‘tagging’ during his South American tour after he was accused of spraying an abandoned hotel building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Kalani

    Wow, Russell Crowe is Amazing actor. I’ve seen his movies. He’s amazing and adorable. Justin is very lucky to have famous celebs defend justin. He’s super talented and so hot. His video is steamy and sexy. I love Justin.

    • delanie

      Its Great for Russel Crowe to defend Justin Bieber i think that’s really sweet for him. But it comes to a point where some people need to face the consequences when they did something wrong. Especially Graffiti. Australia is very tough when it comes to Graffiti because disrespect on the property whether its a wall in a ally or a house fence. Bieber you’v turned yourself into a immature kid. Just do the right thing and clean the Graffiti up.

      My Opinion

      • Zoey

        The hotel wich is privately owned gave Bieber Permission to do the graffiti work. They are actually really happy about the graffiti. They were boasting about it!!

      • #BIEBERFOREVR2013

        he does what he want and if that is breaking the law well be it. leave him alone………

  • Kalani

    Justin is super talented and besides it’s not like Justin is going to say ok. I’ll think ill tag this wall and put I love Australia. It’s one of my favorite country. And it has the nices Aussies ever.

  • Kalani

    Who doesn’t love Justin. I rather see justin perform on any stage. He’s just as talented as anyone else. I don’t know why people don’t interview Justin as much. Yet they seem to always interview Selena and never Justin. Or ask justin to perform on the tv shows like the voice or Xfactor.

  • Belieber

    I agree, he is just having fun and showing his creativity to others. Im glad he defended Justin. |)

  • hannah bieber

    I’m glad he defended Justin. He didn’t know he could get introuble.he was just having fun lol thanks russel

  • ivan

    A lot of celebrities actually know what Justin is going through with the media, paps and others and support him; although there are two face phonies like the woman in the View or the Talk who trash him; what is repulsive about the View is that he appeared on their show many times and they were nice to him. Now they are not so nice because they are too stupid to check to see if the reports about him in gossip sites are true or exaggerated.

    • Zoey

      I’m Zoey_Graham on Perez!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    my mom love russel crowe but not justin bieber so maybe i can make her love justin by this :)

  • emilybeb

    justin beiber is preety cute i would love to see his art he probly was just expressing his cute adorible self unlike justin beiber austin mahone is a very hot mess totaly ….CUTIE love him and justin so much

  • ivan

    One reason Justin does not appear on shows like Letterman;s is because they proved to be two bit phonies who loved the ratings when he was on their shows but trashed him behind his back by joking about him or criticizing him; the same with The View where fact checking does not exist.

  • brieana

    CRYING for beliebers and justin I don’t want to loose this family!!!!!! Justin I need you!!!!!!!! Please try and fix things back to the way they were before. I don’t want to loose my idol I’m so scared PLEASE don’t fall into a deeper hole I know you probably won’t see this comment but I wish things would be easier for you justin. Watching NEVER SAY NEVER tonight seeing you as a 16 year old Canadian boy and knowing that u lost yourself, you don’t ever smile anymore, you feel wrong on stage and I can’t help but to cry everything that you do I’m proud of but at the same time I’m asking myself where is kidrauhl? It’s really hurt me when u said u don’t know who you are anymore justin because I just don’t understand.


    big ups to the BIEB’S well done Justin the art looks so good and it is what Australia needs a little bit of art and inspiration because I personally know what it is like to walk down the streets of Australia and see boring buildings. so Thank you for sharing your creativity with us we all loved it so much. p.s you haters need a life and live a little he is doing a good thing whether u c it or not. maybe u will 1 day until then JUSTIN BIEBER keep on performing, touring, dancing, singing, releasing albums and singles( #MUSICMONDAYS) and love life YOLO:) XOXOXOOXOX


    JUSTIN PLEASE REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE PERSONALY not who u r on stage because we love both of them people but please don’t loose your identity and hide behind another because we love you no matter if u r doing bad or good. all of u BELIEBERS WILL b here for you when you fall and we will help you back up. love u Justin. u have no idea how much. can’t wait to c BELIEVE so excited and I am ready to cry cause that’s how much I love u:)xoxoxoxox

  • nicki