Sinead O’Connor: ‘Justin Bieber Sells His Sexuality’ in Music Industry, Feud with Miley


Sinead O’Connor has admitted her headline hitting feud with Miley Cyrus last month has actually helped people discuss the music industry and it’s attitude to sex.

The 46-year-old Irish singer-songwriter was locked in a feud with Miley a month ago when she published a letter in which she admitted to being “concerned” for the young star and accused Miley of “allowing herself to be pimped” by the music industry.

Thankfully the feud is over and she admits the public nature of the debate can only have helped get her concerns out in the open.

And now, speaking to Time Magazine, Sinead says that the problem doesn’t just extend to female artists, but also male artist like Justin Bieber:

The music business is corrupt. It’s full of nothing but vampires and pimps. What was more important that came out of the Miley thing was being able to conversate about mental health and human rights. The two of us, without meaning to, did quite a good job.

In a way, music’s all been silenced.

That’s why I feel strongly about the oversexualizing of young women. As long as you’re visually distracted, you’re not really listening … Male artists too. Justin Bieber, he’s being sold on his sexuality, but he’s too young to even understand what’s going on.

  • hannah bieber

    So what exactly is going on ??????????

    • Kidrauhl

      Justin isn’t that sexual. o_O

  • Adrian

    sinead is right though. its happening and its sad.

  • Azaria

    The thing that she’s not realizing is that Miley is doing what SHE wants to do. Sinead is trying to make headlines off another artist, which I think is kind of low. Justin does what he wants to do, his music isn’t overly sexual. He does take his shirt off at every concert, which admittedly is a bit sexual in nature, but his lyrics aren’t sexual like a lot of artists. Maybe she just doesn’t comprehend human sexuality and how a lot of people now are more sexual than back when she was their age. She’s really annoying, I can’t say I’ve heard of her before her “feud” with Miley. I kinda wish she’d just shut up and go away.

  • LM Bieber

    this is bad so bad what the hell is happening???????????????????

    • brieana

      Justin is being sold for the music he puts out this year like hold tight HE DOESN’T understand what this is doing to him. Hold tight which people think talks about what males like to do with girls but not justin because justin would never do what the media is talking about doing what happened with Maria HE told every one it was false and their saying that he’s being sold for the situation but doesn’t realize it. I don’t believe the story anyway she’s just trying to get attention I’m still a true belieber though it might be a rumor.

  • Nicki


    • brieana

      Your right NICKI sorry justin is absolutely talented and knows what he’s doing as an artist in the end he works so hard for us beliebers who are true because justin loves us and we love him that’s All he wants to do. I love you NICKI would you like to be my belieber sister? I really feel upset right now because of all the rumors and hate. Hey and do you like selena Gomez as an artist?Do you think that justin and selena were a good couple?Because I just found out that selena was going to Australia for her stars dance tour to see justin jelena might be back by the time she goes there she might give justin another chance I absolutely love selena Gomez and justin as artist I think that they both are extremely talented. Please reply. Thanks

      • amyheart

        i think justin should be back with selena he was happy and this post was probablt another rumor and miley cyrus probably didnt care what that weird lady said anyway and justin is smart and loves girls and is respectful to people

  • tj

    elvis, beatles, michael, backstreet boys, nsync

    all were arguably more sexual than bieber.

    -you aint nothin but a hound dog + dirty dance movies
    -michael crotch grab and song ‘in the closet’
    -bsb – am i sexual yeaaaaah, am i original yeaaaah
    -nsync – read their lyrics

    shes just a hater and hypocrite.

    • MEEE

      its about the attitude u stupid girl
      he shows his abs for u to scream ,because all of u stupid girls are horny
      he uses u and u didnt figure that out.
      thats sad for the world to have so stupid people on the planet.

      • tj

        people have the right to buy. just like i have the right to watch porn as my entertainment.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    justin bieber is not sexual he is just a normal teenager :-

  • beliebtionar

    What I mean like is a 19 year old guy you expect him not be sexual I mean not like that type of sexual.. but whatever I still love justin

  • beliebtionar

    I wish there was a jiley :(

  • ivan

    She makes it seem displaying sexuality is a new thing. Old movie stars like Mae West and music stars like Elvis,David Cassidy[who was pictured shirtless many times], Mike jaggar[before he became the mummy], Tom Jones[woman threw bras and panties at him] and many others displayed sexuallity. But it is true, there is too much emphasis on sex today.

  • Kendra

    Btw how is he sexual the only reason why his new songs are like that is because of what he feels about Selena

  • ivan

    Do you notice O’ Conner, in the picture above, has the hairdo Miley had in her twerking performance at the awards show-lol

  • Lovee

    I think she means that Justin is being sold on his looks, more than his music.
    And it’s true.
    If a black guy (for example) with the same voice as Justin was producing the same music as Justin, you wouldn’t be as interested in him. Don’t even lie.
    Sex appeal guys.

  • Bbb

    to be honest I think justin isn’t the best looking in the world . That’s what people think but no it’s not true at all. People just like him for his looks and not the music and if he wasn’t famous he probably wouldn’t get girls . by the way he acts and doing all types of stuff all the girls would say that’s a turn off. just telling the truth

    • Kendra

      I agree with you people only like him for his looks

      • Kalani

        I don’t think so. He’s hot. His music is Amazing and he’s super talented.

  • lambor500S

    I disagree with Sinead for saying Justin being sold on his sexuality.

    Justin, is a talented artist and his sexuality is just another asset to add to

    list. But, I do think she is kind of strange by making the comment:

    Music business is corrupt full of nothing but vampires and pimps. LOL!

  • Lizzie

    Yep im sure he doesn’t understand alright.


    Sinead O’Connor probably is jealous of Justin’s & Miley’s beauty as well as their gifts .

  • ivan

    If you think Justin can’t be famous aside from his good looks, you just don’t really like him. There have been plenty of pop stars less good looking than him that were successful because of their TALENT. Justin is multi talented; his good looks are a bonus. The looks part plays a big part with the ‘he is cute’! crowd of little teens.

  • Kidrauhl’s girl♥

    Okai she is dead wrong. She’s just hating, many other artists go shirtless and she just had to go for justin. Miley is truly amazing and she don’t care what she think #Jiley

  • ivone

    Don’t answer her Justin she is just seeking publicity.
    You are not only good looking but extremely talented.
    God speed!!!!!!!!

  • Belieber

    Justin is not even sexual.

  • m l

    people who really know about talent like will smith, usher, l a reid, Justin timberlake and many more are sold on the fact that Justin bieber is very talented. those who say he can’t sing, act etc. are jealous because they lead ordinary lives and should be pityed. they are dooming themselves to dull drab lives. as for jelena I guess Justin did hurt her but I also think she is too thin skinned. they had and still have a deep attachment and sel may live to regret what she is doing. she started going with him when he was 16 and had to know he was less maqture than her so what is any different now? it’s like the wedding vow. she should be sticking with him now. soon he will have grown out of the things she doesn’t like now and they can have a life together. she needs to stop listening to taylor swift. swifty is going to help her make a revenge song. I think she is desperate to keep selena for herself.