Spraying Graffiti in Brazil, Justin Bieber Reportedly Facing Police Investigation


Justin Bieber is reportedly under police investigation in Brazil after he was photographed appearing to illegally spray graffiti on the outside of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Brazilian site Globo, members of the local paparazzi complained to police that they had been treated aggressively by Justin’s bodyguards as they captured him on film, and their comments have prompted cops to look into whether he had broken local laws. The offense carries a fine and up to a year in jail.

However, authorities have denied reports suggesting they attempted to stop Justin Bieber from flying out of the country on Wednesday as he headed to Paraguay for his next tour stop.

Justin reacts to the paps by instagrammed the photo (above) with caption: “Great shot pap, great shot, I might frame this.”

According to TMZ, Justin didn’t know it was illegal to spray paint in Brazil.

sources close to the Biebs tell us, the singer is pleading ignorance, insisting he was advised by locals to tag the buildings in question — and presumed it was okay.

Defacing buildings is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to a year in jail … and thanks to these photos, police now have reason to believe Bieber is guilty.

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