A Girl Passed Out in Justin Bieber Calabasas Home, Ambulance Called!

Justin Bieber Calabasas home

Apparently Justin takes extra special care of his house guests. After TMZ reported he called an ambulance to his Calabasas home early in the morning on Dec. 14, Reports says that the female guest is doing alright following an incident in which she was found unconscious.

A source tells US Weekly Magazine:

There’s no issue. A call was made out of an abundance of caution, but the woman was given some food and liquids, and she’s fine and went home.

The local sheriff’s department said that they never visited Justin’s home and has no information about the incident.

TMZ reported that the ambulance call was made after a 20-year-old female guest went unconscious in Justin’s home. When the woman regained consciousness, she asked for the ambulance to be called off.

According to TMZ, the female guest was attending a party and alcohol was said to be involved with her condition.

  1. This just proves it’s a lies the police said they did not hear about the insident and their is no proof at all and it’s reported by tmz

    • well the police didint have to know about they were not called the ambulance was called anyway idk what to say i mean i bet there was alcohol there but people are saying there were drugs there to we all know justin had been seen with drugs not 1 but 3 times idk what to think!!!!

  2. Why are you haters here anyway this is,a fan site Not a haters site and btw nobody has proof so don’t come over here Hating on him Unless you were there i doubt you were there

  3. Haha, that’s so stupid, That would never happen to me just for watching Justin Bieber’s Gay Face. I can totally understand her if she saw “something else” but just his gay face. Wow this in unbelievable.

  4. Y Lokita esto lo hago por diversión ya q todas aqui solo dan comentarios favorables eso aburre. Hay q fastidiar un poco a cada rato, no crees??

    • Finally!Somebody freakin gets it!All you fangirls only say shiit like “Justin,Marry me!” Or “Justin Bieber is Hawwwt!” Sorry,but im just saying.

  5. Again, the media makes a big deal of anything having to do with Justin Bieber as if no one ever passed out temporarily in a party. If he burps, he gets more publicity than most pop stars for that.

  6. hey yol haters sayin something bad about someone doesn’t make you any better, expecially if you spend all you time hatin.get a life!!!

  7. Justin didn’t do anything for u haters to hate so stop and hes not gay he don’t go around huggin kissin and holdin hands with guys he hugs kisses and holds hands with girls im a beliber and im proud to be one

  8. OMG, Hannah I am trying to do something good here for u but I can’t, your little friends are just kick in me out. And I apologize already. So what U are always speaking positive things about Justin, I just want to have some fun u know. Sorry if I choose to play with Justin. But Honestly all of u guys, do you think that Justin Bieber would do anything human for any of u. He is just a stupid boy or girl whoever he wants to be. Let’s see if one of find him in the street u will probably say: “Oh Justin, Can I have a picture with u??” and he will answer: “Yeah Sure”. Then u will be super happy it will be the best day of ur life but u think that Justin would mind in remember ur face. He have millions of stupid fans to smile and take pictures with. He will always do the same, just smilling but u will never know what he truly feels. So don’t be stupid and don’t waste ur time defending something unreal to every single one of u

  9. Oh Kaitlyn u are so but so dumb. He is a Star, he can do whatever he wants, he have MILLIONS of girls behind him, don’t u think that he can be a little bit tired of girls. Someday you’ll see it with a guy. Because people like him always do the same, too many girls, now I am going to try with boys. Is always like that. Almost of course, not all of them, just Justin Bieber to be honest

  10. @jb belieber I’m not saying anything they think your a hater bcuzz your saying things about him.sometimes I laugh at him and make fun of him but I do it out of love to show how much I love him

  11. Mia biebs don’t say that that’s a bunch of bull.hes still the great guy we know in love there just hating.if your a belieber u would promise u would stay forever no matter what

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