Adidas NEO Label – ‘All I Want Is Bieber’ Contest Winner

Adidas Neo Label Holidays

To celebrate the holidays, Adidas NEO Label gave fans the chance to win a photo shoot with Justin Bieber for their 2013 holiday card! One lucky winner was flown to Los Angeles for this once in a lifetime opportunity. The winner met with Justin Bieber before their holiday photo shoot and received tickets to the world premiere of his second documentary ‘Believe’. #ALLIWANTISBIEBER

Watch video:

HappyHolidays Bieber

  • Kalani

    Aww, how is it that Justin is so flawless. Yet he looks hot in any color that he wears

  • Kalani

    Justin is amazing guy. He gives back to others. He loves little kids. He’s so adorable

  • Kalani

    Who doesn’t love justin. He’s so adorable and such a hottie. I love justin.

  • Kalani

    He’s a very sweet guy to his fans. He adores his siblings so much

  • Kalani

    Love how justin is so sweet to his fans. Just hope justin doesn’t stay single forever.

  • Kalani

    I hardly see justin with his other boys. Like Christian and his boy Julian

  • Kalani

    The media always lies about everything. They can’t even say anything that’s true. There like alligators that crawl into anything.

  • Belieber

    That’s so nice! justin is so adorable. <3

  • Zariah

    Hey Justin I want to be famous because and be just like u and I want u to help me get there. Justin u r so talented and loved and u care for sick kids and I admire u a lot

    • Kalani

      That he does. I so love how justin gives back to others. All the things he does to give back. He was less fortunate himself. He’s blessed to give back to others. I didn’t know justin wears viseline braces.

  • Kalani

    Oops enviseline braces

  • justin i love

    hi jb ilove you!!!!!!!!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    they are so lucky my feels

  • Ariella

    I just saw the video twice and that fan is a lucky one.I love Justin Bieber sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

  • nicki

    That is so cool…I wish I was one of them…Have fun..Luv you Justin