Believe Movie in Theaters Now!

Believe Movie Now PLaying

It’s here! Justin Bieber’s Believe movie is now in theaters! We are so excited for you to see the movie. Visit Fandango to get your movie tickets.

Take the whole family, your friends or someone you love!

Enjoy the show and happy holidays.


  • Joseline

    Already saw the movie it is awesome and very emotional

    • Nadi Nivar

      Cool I can’t wait to see it too!

    • aikiraspicer

      Did you cry when you saw the moive! :-( :-)

      • aikiraspicer

        I haven’t seen it yet I really want to because I love
        Humans he’s the best artist I love you if Jb gets this !!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

      • julie

        dude,you will (‘:

    • julie


  • wenderly khalifa swaggy

    i have not seen it yet

    • Emo Love

      Probably cause you’ve got such a gayy name – wenderly khalifa swagg – Hahaha, GAYYY!!

      • Emo Love*; ^•^;*

        Nawh, Just Kidding, Aight? Please, Don’t take it up the booty. ; p
        ~Belieber. (No lie)

      • Kalani

        Justin is not gay or stupid. I don’t know why people say that about him. At least he’s healthy. And isn’t like Selena only want attention.

      • Nadi Nivar

        Why don’t you stop being rude

      • Kayleigh

        He is not gay he’s hot and don’t you say anything about Selena either she went in to rehab because of people like you saying staff about her

      • julie

        um rude



    • nevaeh

      Me to I have not seen it yet I had forgotten about it but I am going to see it tomorrow

    • Evon

      Must be very hard to be stupid?

  • lokita jerkin :)

    I saw it its a good movie my cousin made me go last night

    • Ariella

      I saw the movie and it was amazing!!I also saw the emotional parts.When Justin was on stage he said that he was getting emotional and when he was on stage again and he sang One Less Lonely Girl for Avalana.And when he was talking about the moments with Avalana he was crying and I felt very bad!!Don’t worry my cuttie Justin Bieber.Everything’s going to be alright.

      • Ariella

        Justin Bieber’s the best guy in the whole wide world.He’s “All Around The World”.And he’s a really good kid.He visits hospitals,he loves to do charity work and he loves to sing to us beliebers.Justin is amazing!! :) And it’s like his mom said he’s growing up.

      • Joseline

        I agree the movie was awesome and very emotional. Avalana will always be an angel in our hearts she made justin happy and I love seeing him smile it makes me smile I just wish I was with him saying everything is going to be alright :)

      • Kalani

        That he is. He’s super talented

      • julie

        don’t spoil it for ppl who haven’t seen it babe x

    • alden

      They didnt make you wanted to! @nd it was an amazing movie !!

  • Belieber

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m seeing it Saturday (:

  • mr bieber

    Already saw the movie it is awesome and very emotional
    and when he cry omq i was so emotional i was crying omq i was just feeling happy for hem cuz he make his dream come true and i love what he do with his family and fans i love his music and his is a sweet heart i love all about hem if he was my bf i will never let hem go cuz if i was selena gomez i will never let hem go he hould be with me not with selena gomez

    • KALANI


  • belieberforever

    sad that i can not see it because this movy is not releasing in our country nepal. but, happy for you beliebers that you could enjo you christmas. Hope that i can see it in youtube.

    • jade bieber

      i am going to his concert tonight

      • aikiraspicer

        Your so lucky your to his concert I want to go so badly to one

  • xelaine

    I already saw the movie it’s great he really did a great job at all i love the 2nd movie

    • belieberforever

      i wish i could see too. but happy that you all saw it

  • mrs.belieber

    BELIEVE. That is. Justin wants

  • rb

    Rotten tomato critic review: [H**p://wegotthiscovered.c*m/movies/justin-biebers-believe-review/]> this review and the bashing of Justin’s talent should put haters to shame. Even HL’s Bonnie Fuller gave the Believe movie a great review.

  • hannah bieber

    sadly I cant watch it today :/ but I will watch it on new years or Friday so im still excited lol

  • boybelievebelieber

    yall lucky, I cant see it cause it doesn’t play in my theater. :(

  • Stine Emilie

    Allready seen the movie. Love it <3 I was crying all the time..
    But do someone know whent the movie are coming out on DVD?? I want to buy it as fast as possible!!!!!

  • sandra

    i have not seen it too but with all this complement i can’t wait to see it,i just hope itz worth it.

  • ivan

    Saw the movie and he is the most amazing teen pop performer today. A few are saying the movie flopped because it made between 400 to half a million in the U.S. but it’s a limited release to half of the theaters N.S.N played in plus a lot of beliebers could not see it on XMAS day. It’s a 4 million budget film and it will more than make up that cost in the coming weeks

    • Evon

      OMG I saw the movie too but unfortunately it hard for me to watched since some homos are sucking each other while watching the movie

  • rb

    Dec 26, 2013 11 AM MT Rotten tomato critic review: Justin gets a star each from two top critics, and one rotten tomato from a rookie critic.

  • ivan

    This movie has gotten at least two good reviews that I have seen; one was in the LA Times. There will be the usual few negative ones from critics that don’t care about him anyway. Some who don’t even go to see it, will criticize it just for the heck of it.

  • Nicole

    I already saw the believe movie and it was Amazing and very emotional i was crying a lot when justin was talking about avalana and was crying i was like awwwww justin don’t cry everything is going to be alright. we will all ways love you avalana. justin I Love You So Much and thankyou for the amazing movie and everything you have done for us belieber your amazing guy and don’t forget that. I Love You Justin <333333

  • Angel nikki

    Saw the movie today on December 26 2013 in Arizona so eimotional cried at the part with avalanna

    • Kalani

      Aww justin is super Amazing and so adorable.

  • ivan

    see the movie in the theater or purchase the DVD when it comes out. It will look and sound far better than any cam someone might put in the internet.

    • Evon

      Idiots dont waste your money some dumbass belieber will probably upload the movie in youtube once its available for download

  • alejandra

    Ailoveyou justin biber

  • Tina

    I can’t wait to see Believe, so excited

  • Tina

    I can’t wait to see believe so excited!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    I can’t wait to see Believe, so excited!!!

  • Nia smith

    I seen your movie yesterday and I was crying a little cause I am sad to see you retire and I hope you will make more songs and more movies but I still love you a SAFTEY always comes first and I want you to try and try and try to come back before my birthday 4/23

  • Lluvia

    I seen the movie it made me cry

    • Kalani

      At least justin is healthy. I bet Selena Doesn’t even have lupus. Wow, it’s sad that she has it.

      • rb

        It’s been blogged that Selena is battling lupus which is an incurable disease (possible issue of having kids). Could this be the reason why she broke-up with Justin? Does Justin even know of her problem? Justin not knowing might be the reason behind him acting-up during their split. Nov 2012 during an interview he said that he didn’t know what was going on when she broke-up with him. She had made a comment that things are not what it seems in one of her interviews. I am sure Justin loves her dearly and would be supportive to her needs.

  • lambor500S

    Cannot wait to go see it

    • Tafadzwa

      Me too l cant wait

    • Tafadzwa

      L saw the movie it was inspiritional l hope u could also see it luv justin

    • Tafadzwa

      Why do people say justin is gay

  • sam

    Follow me on twitter @sammiakaab
    -I follow back :)

  • nana

    I love you Justin Bruner I haven’t seen the movie yet but I know it’s going to Awesome sincerely

    (one of your biggest fans)

  • nicki

    Its going to be Amazing……Me and my best friend is going to have fun….Luv you Justin and Merry Christmas