Believe Movie in Theaters on Christmas Day!

Believe Movie in Theaters Christmas Day

@BelieveMovie: It’s Christmas Eve & that means #BelieveMovie comes out TOMORROW!!

@justinbieber: Tomorrow is the big day. #believemovie in theatres. #bieberchristmas

@alfredoflores: !!!! #BelieveMovie TOMORROW!!! anybody in the tri-state coming to Clifton AMC in Jersey to rock with me tomorrow night? We outtttcheaa!!

  1. I love u justin thx 4 always being there for me can’t wait For your believe movie today I’m proberly gonna be first in line !!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Yes Finally I’m so so so excited I can’t wait to go to his believe movie yeah justin your so so so hot remind myself to buy popcorn too yeah I love you Justin so so so much Merry Christmas justin I love you so so so much beliber foreveru

  3. I’m so exicted about the believe monive I mate see it on Thursday or Friday night with my cousin and aunt in weast palm beach FL

  4. i am so unlucky belibeer buc i am waiting for this movie for 2012 to watch this movie in theateer but the movie in not in pak theater … jb plzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this …

  5. omg yay !!!!!! lol I might not be able to watch it tomorrow but if not I will watch it the day after Christmas or new years lol im still excited :)

  6. hello justin i love you a lot and imma your biggest belieber
    i just wanna ask you that is the BELIEVE MOVIE releasing in INDIA also because i lone in INDIA and i also want to see your movie <3 :)

  7. How dare you not play believe movie in Kona Hawaii. Grrrr. I love u Justin. Merry Christmas Justin and all beliebers, hope the movie turns to be a big success

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