Believe Movie in Theaters on Christmas Day!

Believe Movie in Theaters Christmas Day

@BelieveMovie: It’s Christmas Eve & that means #BelieveMovie comes out TOMORROW!!

@justinbieber: Tomorrow is the big day. #believemovie in theatres. #bieberchristmas

@alfredoflores: !!!! #BelieveMovie TOMORROW!!! anybody in the tri-state coming to Clifton AMC in Jersey to rock with me tomorrow night? We outtttcheaa!!

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  3. bieberbeliber101
  4. hannah bieber
  5. pakistani belieber
  6. Cheerleader belieber
  7. Selena drew bieber
    • wenderly khalifa swaggy
  8. Diana.Garrido
  9. Diana.Garrido
  10. Chloe Bieber

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