1. I hope justin come back to music. But he insgram every know and then. So at least he has some private time with his family and his boys.

  2. I loved his BELIEVE movie!!My cuttie Justin is the greatest and super cute!!I like the pic of the fans standing infront of the movie poster.And I also saw the ticket pic.When I went to Linden Blvd. movies my mom said that we get to go back there and see another movie with grandma.And at that movie theater there’s arcade games and restaurants.So I really enjoyed Justin’s movie!!! :)

  3. I am also willing to watch believe movie but it is not available in india. If its available i’ll surely go with my friends to watch bieber movie that is believe.
    Only i can watch this movie on net its an opportunity for me to watch the movie on net so, i am extremely happy for this.
    LOVE U JUSTIN…. may your believe movie twinkled like stars in each place.

  4. Movie was very good. I love the part at the end when he had on the black suit and had

    His dancer s acting like papaarazzi chasing him with cameras and he start knocking them

    Out. Like a short action flick so cool. I seen the movie 3 times. Great job!

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