11 Celebrities Who Hated on Justin Bieber

Celebrities who hate on Justin Bieber

1. Drake Bell: He just hates Justin Bieber to his core. He’s always Twitter-attacking Justin with jabs like these:

Justin Bieber is 5’6″ now I understand why you guys love him!! He’s the same height as all you 12 year olds! I totally get it now sorry guys.

How does Justin get his lips so shiny? pic.twitter.com/crelaYkS7T

Before I try to beat up the paparazzi I make sure my mascara is perfect!’ -Justin Bieber

2. Jon Bon Jovi: He told Justin to stop showing up late to concerts and being a prick, saying:

Do it once, you can be forgiven… Do it enough times and shame on you. They won’t have you back. Then it just becomes a cliché. It’s really not cool—you’re an a–hole.

3. Taylor Swift: Ms. Swifty hinted at her true feelings once again when she was asked what she and Selena were whispering to each other when Justin accepting his Billboard awards – one of which he was openly booed for.

Taylor told Access Hollywood, while shaking her head and looking down at the floor:

Oh, you do not want to know! You do not want to open that can of worms. Especially tonight.

Taylor also caught on camera rolling her eyes and made a “yuck” face at the Billboard Music Awards backstage when Selena momentarily ditched her to say “hi” to Justin. Then after the awards show during press conference, when someone asked what she thought about Justin winning the Milestone Award,Taylor replied like a total ice queen, “can we have another question?”

4. Eminem: The slim shady literally calls Justin the anti-Christ in a song. He rap:

Him (God) don’t give a damn about Bieber, do Him? / What a demon, a behemoth, evil just seems to be seeping through him.

5. Billy Joe: The frontman of Green Day band lost his mind at an iHeartRadio concert and decided to bring up Justin Bieber during his meltdown. He screamed in an onstage rant:

I’m not f-ckin Justin Bieber, you motherf–ker! You’ve got to be fu—ing joking. I got one minute. One minute left. Now I got nothing left.

6. Olivia Wilde: She never wants to see Justin without his shirt on. Ever. She wrote on Twitter:

Bieber, put your f–king shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt).

7. Patrick Carney: The Black Keys drummer was glad Justin Bieber didn’t get any Grammy nods. When asked if Justin SHOULD have gotten a nomination, Patrick said:

He’s rich right? The Grammys are…for music and not for money. And he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess.

8. Jonas Brothers: When asked about their JoBros career, Joe Jonas callout Justin Bieber (for peeing in a bucket) during their interviews on MuchMusic in Canada to promote their upcoming album.

We’re not perfect. I think there’s things that public people don’t know about. Now it’s not that easy for people to get away with a lot of stuff without people finding out, right? …But also we never really had the interest in doing things like peeing in buckets. We try to be careful.

9. Marg Helgenberger: The CSI star was asked about her thoughts on Justin’s acting debut on the hit crime show and she wasn’t exactly singing his praises. Justin was just 17 at the time.

She said on a French radio show back in 2011:

Justin Bieber wasn’t bad. He had never acted before. I shouldn’t be saying this, but he’s kind of a brat. He was actually very nice to me, but he locked one of the producers in the closet. And he put his fist through a cake that was on the table.

10. Miley Cyrus: She has love & hate relationship with Justin. In a 2011 interview, when asked about new singers like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who got their start on the video sharing website, the Ex-Disney star said:

It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour.

Miley also tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Justin Bieber smoking weed “Reefer Fever” shirt on (Oct. 7, 2013) adding caption, “@justinbieber FO LIFE.”

11. Bill Hader: The former “Saturday Night Live” performer remembered when Justin Bieber hosted an episode of the comedy sketch show, he arrived on set with a huge entourage.

Bill told Howard Stern on Sirius XM:

Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys. He had a guy holding a slice of pizza. A guy holding a Diet Coke. You’re trying to fight through all these people to get dressed.

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    Miley cryus really ??? Wow I thought her and Justin were best friends lol all of them need to stfu especially drake bell.he ugly as hell and no one gives a shit about him and I’m actually a taylor swift fan but she’s acting like a bitch now -.-

    • angela

      what?? miley and justin are best friends

  • miley

    justin bieber needs to stop acting black cause he aint about that life hes a wanna be

    • Sinthia

      Their some white boys play like there black.So why you after JB for that?

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      Exactly what is “acting black” there is no such thing, that’s just the way people act.

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        Seriously give him a break fool.

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    leave justin alone haters


      I agree with you comment ; haters to the hell !

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    People need to stop attacking him, no one is perfect, for example mark wahlberg has beat up someone leaving them blind, went to jail, done drugs and was racist yet not one person seems to comment on that, yeah it the past but so is all this apparent shit that justin has done. This is one the verge on bullying, should be ashamed of themselves, some thing are better left unsaid. so back the fuck of him.

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    Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahha I LOVE DRAKE BELL HE IS AWESOME !!!!!!

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    Justin and Miley r best friends, justin and taylor were friends but taylor is a bit** now and theres celebrites that love justin.

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    No one cares about drake bell anyways lol and what happened to jiley ??? And I’m a fan of taylor swift but she’s really acting like a bitch now sorry taylor its the truth

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      Taylor acts like she’s better then everyone. Which she’s not.

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    MILEY U NEED TO BACK OFF !!!!!!!!!!

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    Stfu stupid c*** you can’t act an color. Let him do him jealous or what!! Let him live his life the way he wants to if you don’t like what he do then, find another topic to poke at. What is wrong with hanging out with people that’s not your race or being inspired by other cultures? Continue with your dry, boring *** life. At least people care about him and knows he exist unlike u.

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    Miley didn’t diss him, she was giving advise. Taylor Swift is just acting like a b*tch lately, bon jovi was a druggie, Drake Bell isn’t important. Eminem disses everyone. And who cares about the other people.

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      Pls Taylor acts like she’s miss perfect. Thinks she’s all that. Her and Selena are a Bitchs.

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    Drake bell is soooo not hot he needs to stop he haven’t been in the spot light in years and want to criticize our JuJu like seriously its not our fault he is in low paying movies that are not promoted correctly, he should learn to take his financing issues out on his manager and not on justin. And this list should be a lot longer they forgot that Osborne lady and a few others. Miley likes justin so she throws a little shade here and there to get Justin attention its obvious that these people have been famous before justin and envy him for his rise and success in a short amount of time. They are all jealous overgrown pigs who see’s justin as a threat to their fame.

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    I love Miley and justin they are so cute :) umm who his drake bell again? *cough* a nobody who wants to be a somebody again

    And I do agree Eminem do diss just about everybody lol he’s a cool rapper tho. Taylor she have problems, and I don’t know the rest.
    Jiley <3 oh 1D is awesome but justin is better ~off topic lol~

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    I dont like any of those people mentioned.

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    Awww now I feel bad for him.I understand his behavior was out of control which I didn’t like so hopefully he will change.And the person that I use to like and was funny is Drake Bell I don’t like him he was the first one that called him a girl with makeup when he first became famous.

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    I agree with emma, Maria, and elizabeth lol and I love eminem but he does diss everybody -.- his daughter is a beliebers so why is he talking smack about justin ??? But I still love him tho <3

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    Those people need to stop. One of them said that Justin is rich and he should be happy. Whoever that is you may have known that Justin is rich but he is not like you spending all of the money to yourself. He spends those money for the people who are in need. Just like in Philippine. He is just 19 year old but have helped lots of people. He even building school and walked bare foot by giving his shoes to a man who don’t have any. Have they done anything like that except making money.
    Die and rott in hell you all haters.F you

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    No body live with out enemies, god damn haters jb, you was born to be somebody ain’t nothing that ever gonna change you, you will light up the sky like lightning,

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