Donny Osmond: ‘Justin Bieber’s Rebelling to Prove He’s an Adult’

Justin Bieber DOnny Osmond today

Donny Osmond has offered Justin Bieber some advice on dealing with the transition from child stardom to adulthood.

The former teen idol, who was the 1970s equivalent of Justin, has declared that he thinks Justin is rebelling in a bid to prove that he’s a man.

Speaking to Closer Weekly, Donny said:

I’m just a normal guy, and Donny And Marie [TV series] left me with such a wacky image.

Since Puppy Love and Go Away Little Girl were such big records, I went through a period when I hated it.

Justin Bieber is feeling the pains of this right now. Everyone thinks he’s still the kid who sang Baby, but he’s an adult, and he’s rebelling to show people he’s an adult.

Little Justin Bieber & Little Donny Osmond

Little Justin Bieber & Little Donny Osmond

However Donny also attempted to share the benefit of hindsight with Justin – advising him not to fight it.

You can’t change history. When you hit it so big at such a young age, time freezes in people’s minds.

You just have to live with the consequences until enough time goes by – 20 or 30 years, in my case. You get to a time when you end up embracing it.

  • Sinthia

    Thanks for showing the old picture of JB ugh his eyes and the hair.

  • Sinthia

    I like how he grown as adult because he have abs he look so fine and cute like always that’s all.



  • sisymay

    Donny Osmond rocks !!

  • hannah bieber

    I am now a fan of donny osmond lol

  • ivan

    Donnie Osmond was one of the top teen idols ever. He and David Cassidy were the Justin Bieber of that time.

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    Kalani and Ivan you are truly the most stupid bitches of this page. Don’t comment back cause it is useless, i am not gonna read it. I am too busy to sit in front of the computer and chew every stupid rumuor about justin as you do it assholes. I guess you guys don’t even care about earning money or making your parents proud by achieving something in your life. I am not the hater of Justin Bieber cause all he cares is his own life and his own business. But what about you bitches, take care dumb assholes. One day you are gonna grow up and realize what i meant. I am only 17 and i love justin. But do you know how i love him, i just listen to his songs when i am tired of my job and my academic life. I don’t care about what justin does as long as his sons are good. Take care assholes.

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      Who are you calling stupid bitches. Seriously are you that dumb. He cares about his fans. Your seriously deranged person. GTFO freak. Don’t you ever tell me what I can’t or can post on Justin’s page. Why do I care if you reds it or not. Your truly Are stupid and clueless.

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    Aww i love when people stick up for him but i dont like when they say they were like justin bieber it kinda weird lol but whatever

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    Come on, grow up. A few of you act like you are 10 years old. No wonder he does one mistake and you leave his fan base. That’s actually a good thing. Close the door on the way out.

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      Yet when Selena makes mistakes. No one says anything. Yet they always seem to dis justin. For what he does. Seriously Justin is human. Selena acts like she’s miss perfect and thinks she’s miss know it all. Stupid bitch.

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    Amen to Donny. I’am now a fan. He is completely right.

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    @kalani can we not talk about selena cuzz im a selenator k thanks