How the 24 Hours VEVO Record Work?


In case you’re wondering how’s the VEVO record is determined.

From VEVO:

The 24 hour VEVO views record has become a pretty big deal these days and we couldn’t be more proud, but there seems to be a bit of confusion about how it all works. Because of this, we felt it was important to clear up some details about how the record is determined.

We calculate the total views over a 24 hour period from across our entire platform including our syndication partners. This includes all VEVO apps plus syndication channels AOL, Yahoo! YouTube and many more. These reports usually come in over the course of a 2 day period.

Once all the reports are in, we take the total view count from the exact time the video premieres to exactly 24 hours later. That is the 24 hour number.
Some frequently asked questions:

Q: The numbers on YouTube and VEVO added up to much more than what you guys are reporting. What gives?
A: The view counts you see on and the VEVO apps are inclusive of YouTube view counts. They are not separate numbers, but because we have to pull counts from so many different sources, the views on and YouTube aren’t always in sync.

Q: Why are some videos declared record breakers before 24 hours are up and others take 2 days?
A: The reports from our various partners come in over the course of a 2 day period. YouTube always makes sure views from robots, spiders and other automated view count gaming tools are removed from their final counts. Only views from human beings are counted. YouTube can analyze views that come from humans much quicker than it can from tools designed to trick their player. In the case of huge videos that get viewed worldwide, like “Wrecking Ball,” virality comes into play. From the amount of press and social shares alone, it was clear that everyone and their mother was watching that video. Literally. The number of views had far exceeded the standing record before day’s end, so we were able to verify the count.

Q: Does it count as a view if I hit replay, or do I have to refresh the page?
A: Either works, just don’t use automated tools. Our best advice is to share, share, share and think outside your fan base. The videos that really rack up views are the ones that span fan bases.

Q: Why do you take away views?
A: We don’t take away views. YouTube will verify that views are not coming from robots, spiders and other automated tools. That’s why sometimes you see a view count fluctuate a bit.

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